Workspaces functionality and collaboration governance for SharePoint modern experiences

We live in a time of opportunities! And this reflects in the digital landscape we’re facing. For collaboration purposes alone, Office 365 and SharePoint offers a wide range of tools including modern team and collaboration sites, classic publishing sites, Yammer, and Teams.

Make it easy for employees to know which tool to use when.

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Providing the right tools to enable collaboration and guidance

Keeping control of collaboration spaces


What can you do?

Wizdom Workspaces module is a tool to manage and collaborate on projects or areas of interests from the intranet. But the module is more than that. The Workspaces module in Wizdom provides an engine for collaboration governance that enables intranet admins to set up fixed standards for the creation of new collaboration spaces. Intuitively guiding users to choose the proper type of tool for a new collaboration project and maintaining the overview of all collaboration spaces created.

Overview of workspaces

The Workspaces module’s overview web part enables you to list, and get an overview of, all workspaces created in one workspace instance. From the web part, users can create new workspaces that will automatically be connected to the same instance. Filter and search let users quickly find relevant workspaces.


Guiding users to create collaboration spaces within company standards

Admins can define a fixed set of workspace types with distinct abilities, metadata information, and roles. This enables users to choose from a selection of workspace types, that all meet company standards, when they’re creating a new collaboration space. The intranet admin can describe every workspace type with image, headline, and subheading making it simple for users to choose the right tool for a given collaboration project.

Aligned workspace information

Enabling content

See information on the specific collaboration project like project team, phase, and status.


Edit workspace information directly from the workspace in question.


Making project management easy and giving you more control over outcomes.


Trusted By IT professionals and internal communicators worldwide

Wizdom is used in over 250 countries worldwide and is trusted by over 1 million users in the finance, education, manufactoring, public sector and utility industries.


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