Wizdom for MS Teams

Alleviate application chaos with Wizdom for MS Teams

Help users work efficiently in Office 365 groups and teams. Wizdom prevents Office 365 sprawl, keeps your self-service environment tidy, and offers users a one-stop digital workplace in Microsoft Teams.

Contain and create MS Teams your way

Catch sprawl in its making. Wizdom allows you to control the Microsoft Teams creation process by setting up approval flows and templates with fixed standards.

Employ Microsoft Flow to create a built-in governance flow and create a clutter free environment for your business to collaborate in.

All the time you will stay in control of flows. Restore archived MS Teams and change processes if you like, but feel free to let go of tiresome manual tasks like creating a new Team every time it’s requested by a user.

A one-stop digital workplace in MS Teams

By bringing in a personalized and intelligent overview of content and tools across all systems, Wizdom breaks the silos between applications and delivers the ONE corporate dashboard in MS Teams you need to visit to keep up and get work done.

No more searching in silos and relying on memory to find the presentation you are looking for. No more checking and registering data in a multitude of applications to be on top of things.

When you’ve logged on to MS Teams, you have access to everything. Simply, everything you need to get work done.


As a Wizdom customer you will automatically receive Wizdom for MS Teams. If you are a new customer, you have the opportunity to upgrade to the full Wizdom intranet solution, after purchasing Wizdom for MS teams. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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Wizdom MS Teams creates employee engagement

Digital transformation through governance and simplicity

Feature release number one

All Office 365 groups and teams automatically live up to company defined standards

By creating new teams based on fixed templates, users intuitively establish groups and teams that are in line with copany standards.

Data is systematically collected for each team created, ensuring all teams are optimized for findability and governance.

Feature release two

Approval flow controls teams creation

By allowing you to add a layer of either manual or automatic approval, Wizdom ensures there is a legitimate reason behind the creation of every new team.

Feature release number 3

Lifecycle management of all teams

By setting up a governance flow you can require team owners to regularly confirm relevancy of their teams in MS Teams. Ultimately, auto archiving can be established to clear away inactive teams. No sweat though, a team can always be recovered if it becomes missed.

Your entire digital workplace delivered in MS Teams

Through system integrations and flows, Wizdom collects information and tools from all applications and services used by the business, and delivers these in MS Teams.

Each user gets a personalized and organized dashboard with all the tools, and information needed to get work done.

Eliminating frustration wasted on application silos and a complex landscape of collaboration tools, this makes MS Teams the perfect environment for employees to simply go and get work done.

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