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Sketch Note: How Can The Digital Workplace Keep Up?

If work was so great we'd do it for free How we work has changed, and will, probably, never stop changing. How can the digital workplace keep up? We've made a sketch note from talk at Wizdom Conference 2017 delivered by Sam Marshall, owner of ClearBox Consulting &...

The Advantages of a Rapid SharePoint Intranet Deployment

Intranet projects can take a long time to complete. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, the average intranet project lasts approximately 1.4 years, or 17.3 months. Although this data is based on a small number of projects, it is a figure which has remained steady...

Why an Intranet Solution Must Support Your Content Managers

Great intranets thrive on high quality content. Employees need to be able to access up to date, relevant and well-written content which helps them carry out their role and stay informed. Without valuable content your intranet will not be a success.   Meet the content...

5+ Tips to help you Engage your Intranet Users

User engagement is only rarely won by a sole intranet team. It just takes more to engage an entire organization of users. In this post we give you 5+ tips to get this more by tapping into the energy of your organization and engage your users in engaging themselves and your joint colleagues.

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