Wizdom and Hyperfish Webinar – April 2019

Wizdom Hyperfish webinar

Wizdom & Hyperfish - Putting your people at the center of your digital workplace

Webinar details

Date: 30th April 2019
Time: 15:00 CET

The greatest secret to going digital is actually analog, in the form of your employees.

No matter how great the branding or if you’re using the latest webparts or not - your employees determine if your digital workplace is a success or a failure.

Building your digital workplace with the needs of your employees front of mind will:

  1. Increase engagement in the company
  2. Encourage and support internal participation and collaboration
  3. Streamline onboarding
  4. Easily connect them to the people and skills they need

In this interactive webinar we will show you how you can quickly and easily enhance your digital workplace with employee focused experiences, including a customizable Employee Directory and Org Charts that are always up to date which, in turn, will have a deep impact on your digital transformation efforts.

Hyperfish keeps Profile Information complete and up to date in Office 365 and the modern workplace. You can read more on their website.





Presented by

Jess Lassen
CTO, Wizdom

Chris Johnson
CTO, Hyperfish