What intranet solution is best for you

What intranet solution is best for you with people and question bubbles

What intranet solution is best for you?

There are many possible solutions for your internal communications needs. These can range from making sure employees or community user’s are up-to-date with policies and procedures, communicating important news and keeping track of everybody. We have created a quick survey to help you determine what are your priorities based on business needs and those of the people who will be using the intranet.

The vast array of intranets available, have a myriad of available functions, but it’s not always the functions that you need. Good intranet support and the possibility to have a consultancy team helping with implementation are also important points to consider.

Fill out the survey we created for you and we will get in contact to talk about the possibilities of what kind of intranet can be established based on business needs.

The survey takes around 2 minutes to complete.