Swiss partner 1stQuad win CKW Pocathon with Wizdom solution

Copenhagen, Denmark – May 2018, Wizdom, Cool Vendor and top-rated intranet solution provider built on SharePoint and Office 365 participated in a special session through Swiss partner 1stQuad which was centered around 3 vendors, 2 days and 1 customer with the goal in the end to decide for a provider. Sounds unlikely? Well, it worked great!

1stQuad was invited by the CKW (Central Swiss Power Plants) for this special session to show what 1stQuad and Wizdom can do. Without knowing what to expect, three different suppliers met a perfectly prepared customer on the first day and completed a tightly packed program on site, using the method of Lean Agile Procurement ( ).

A big stack of already prioritized user stories had to be implemented in a very short time. At the same time, details were agreed upon concerning IT architecture, legal and contractual issues and the cooperation model. Since all those responsible (and even all providers) were in the same room, the entire session was extremely efficient and straightforward.

After two intensive and enormously productive days, we are incredibly proud to announce that 1stQuad were able to convince CKW of the company’s expertise and Wizdom’s many advantages and we are looking forward to an exciting project with a great partner and customer.

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