Service & Support

You will always be well taken care of regardless of who answers your call. Our friendly support team is ready to help you during your office hours.

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The team that develops and launches your solution remains responsible for maintaining and servicing it after it’s launched.

This means that we proactively ensure that your solution runs safely and consistently, generating value for your business. We also keep track of whether your business is developing new needs and provide you with suggestions to for example advance development of existing solutions and integrations.

Our teams include a wide range of experts. We can therefore provide you with in depth technical advice as well as a business oriented understanding of your applications and systems.

Once your solution is live, a fixed team of consultants and developers will ensure that your solution functions optimally and continuously generates value for your business.

Service Hosting

Spend Your Time on Innovation and Growth While we Ensure:

Operational Reliablity. 
With a cloud service built to handle any amount of traffic and data.

Optimal Performance. 
We make sure that your solution is updated and running on the newest technology.

A Scalable and Flexible Solution. 
You only pay for what you use. If your data usage decreases, so does your bill.

Quick Access to Support. 
If you want to talk to us about your solution, we´re only a phone call away!

Let our team of Microsoft certified professionals take over the hosting and servicing of your IT.