Video: Wizdom 6.32 Release highlights on Site Design updates for Modern SharePoint Experiences

Learn from VP of Product, Flemming Goldbach as he discusses Wizdom’s new product release, including, Site designs updates for Modern SharePoint Experiences. If you would like to know more about how Wizdom can help you optimize your intranet, please fill out the form below to receive our product catalogue or you can request a product demonstration and see for yourself.

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Introducing Wizdom for the Modern Experiences

Since it’s arrival, our team of developers and UX experts have been looking thoroughly at the technology evaluating how we can bring our customers the most value from employing SharePoint’s modern experiences as part of their digital workplace. From version 6.31 of...

Global Wizdom term sets

We are moving at a rapid pace into a world that consists of a flat hierarchy containing an abundance of site collections. For performance reasons, we are already recommending that solutions be split into several site collections; and in the new world of the modern...

Release highlights: Enhancements to Wizdom

With the release of Wizdom version 6.32 today, we’re happy to introduce a bunch of new product updates. This version introduces great advancements for Wizdom on the modern experiences plus enhancements that will improve the experience of a number of Wizdom features...

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