Let's Get to Know Each Other


Let's Get to Know Each Other

We strive to keep you informed throughout the entire recruitment process. You will receive confirmation that we have received your application as well as information regarding the ensuing hiring process. We generally do not work with a deadline for applications, but process the applications on a regular basis.

If we think your skills match and would like to see you for an interview then you can expect the following recruitment process:


At the first interview we would like to hear about your qualifications, previous jobs etc. The purpose of the interview is to ensure that you are the right match for us and that we are the right match for you.



This interview will expand on the first interview. We would like to get to know you even better and you can anticipate that we will ask you additional questions about your qualifications. Depending on the job, we will often provide you with a test or a task to document your knowledge within your area of expertise.


Sometimes we will conduct a third interview. During this interview we will negotiate terms of employment etc.

If you have any questions regarding the recruitment process please contact our HR at:


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