Widex Unifies 3,800 Employees in More Than 30 Countries With Wizdom

Widex is a family-owned company which has grown over the years to encompass sales companies in more than 30 countries. This has created a need to strengthen the global organization and bring headquarters and sales companies closer together to share common goals, processes and direction.

With this ambitious objective, top management needed a central culturebearing communication platform that employees at headquarters as well as in the sales companies could access. Consequently, the management called for a global intranet solution to Widex – delivered within a short time frame.


As a ready-to-run intranet solution that’s easy to customize and use, Wizdom was able to support Widex in setting up a corporate intranet based on Office 365 in a very short time. More than 2,000 users access the intranet from single-user PCs, while staff at production units reach the corporate portal from shared computers. Not only was the intranet delivered within a short timeline, also, the cost was fair.

We could have made the solution ourselves. But with Wizdom, we could take a shortcut and quickly establish and launch a new cloud intranet – at a fair cost. As Wizdom is fully customizable, we have been able to custom build on top of the solution to match Widex’ needs.

Jørgen Kristensen,
Business Applications Manager,

The fact that Wizdom is delivered as an add on to the cloud based Office 365, eliminated the challenge of sales companies and headquarter not sharing network.

Each aspect of the solution was delivered in accordance with Widex’ vision of a unifying platform that supports global communication and collaboration. An innovative news engine enables Widex to communicate information to the global organization as well as to specific employee groups. While the intranet platform supports collaboration, processes and the sharing of tools and resources by providing workspaces for sales companies, departments and project teams.

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