UCN is Live With New Office 365 Study Portal

The University College of Northern Denmark needed a platform that was able to work as a directory in the digital study environment. With Wizdom, The University College has created a study portal that provides access to all information and digital solutions the students use within the context of their studies.

The platform includes lateral information that´s not directly study related, such as practical information about the campus, job offers, and events.


Simplicity and a responsive design were important for UCN.

It was important for us to get a simple platform and a solution with only four functions: Find your education, links for study relevant systems, news, and phonebook.


The intention is that you, as a student, access all information through your education site. Each education site features a menu with target grouped menu items. Some menu items are visible for all students. Others are only shown to students on a specific education or campus. This reduces complexity for students.

Susanne Strand,

UCN Communication

Diverse User Group

UCN’s user group consists of students from all of the 35 educations offered by UCN; everything from midwifery to plumbing. The university college wanted a solution that was able to manage this diverse user group of 9,200 students.

The challenge for UCN was, therefore, to create a coherent user experience and at the same time fufill individual needs. The platform had to create a connection across the spectrum of educations and also link to relevant information. A simple interface along with Wizdom’s features enabling personalized intranet content, supports this.

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