An Effective Platform for Knowledge Sharing

The new intranet creates the framework for information dissemination and knowledge sharing between the school’s 900 employees.

SDE needed a unifying joint Intranet for their 900 employees spread out on different locations. Their intranet forms the basis of an effective spread of information and knowledge sharing in the whole institution. Functions, such as Noticeboard, news channels, blog and document sharing, make it simple for the employees to share relevant information and knowledge across the organization. As an example, the employees are able to simply and intuitively create and comment on internal messages in noticeboard and news channels, and also, have the possibility of effective document sharing that facilitates the collaboration between co-workers.

“In the education sector it is especially important to have an effective platform for knowledge sharing. We recieved this with Wizdom. As a larger educational institution, Wizdom has been an excellent choice of intranet provider for the organization.” says Peter Topp Jensen, ICT-manager, Technical College of Southern Denmark – Odense-Vejle.

The solution is installed in context with ESIS, which is an IT collaboration between 5 vocational schools. This enables the schools to have an effective operation and at the same time share developments costs. The Schools have recieved 5 individual Wizdom intranets.

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