One Portal for 12 Organizations

SamAqua is a ”shared services” company that delivers services on a large scale to achieve economies of scale for 11 Danish utility companies. These companies are at the same time SamAqua’s customers and owners.

SamAqua was in need of a platform to communicate with the utility companies. At the same time, SamAqua was looking for an intranet solution to offer the 11 utility companies when the companies are to build their own intranet solutions.

After having thoroughly analyzed the options available to them, SamAqua chose Wizdom intranet for Office 365.

The best from Office 365 & SharePoint – and much more

Wizdom Intranet offers all the best from Office 365 and SharePoint plus a broad selection of essential and value creating features – e.g. a 100% mobile intranet with full integration of social enterprise and business applications.

Wizdom intranet can be designed and configured in accordance to the needs of each client. In this way, SamAqua as well as the 11 utility companies are guaranteed an intranet solution customized to fit their needs.

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