Enabling Educators and Students to Focus on Their Main Competences

Every day around 2,000 creative students develop their abilities within architecture, design and preservation in one of KADK’s many study programs.

KADK has no less than 550 educators, 3 schools, 7 institutes and around 2,000 students that study a variety of modules in different fields of study. As a result, it is quite cumbersome to offer students and educators organized and updated knowledge about every program and module at KADK.


Intranet ‘Rooms’ Ease Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

When KADK were to change the existing SharePoint 2010 platform to SharePoint 2013, the academy chose an intranet solution based on Wizdom that features an integrated room portal. In this portal educators and students can easily find rooms dedicated to each program and module.

The rooms offer a place for all information about individual modules and programs. Furthermore, the rooms allow for a number of actions. Students can hand in assignments by uploading documents. In the same way, educators can share teaching resources, send group emails and easily print lists with contact information and pictures of students.


Students and educators can find all they need in one place because we have gathered information and functionality. In this way we have created a small digital workplace.

The goal is that our educators focus on using their main competencies on what they are meant for: Education and scientific work.

Pia Balslev Larsen,
IT Coordinator,

To create and maintain information about every single of KADK’s modules manually would demand a whole lot of resources. This is why KADK has established processes that ensure this happens automatically.

When KADK’s module catalogue is updated before the start of a new semester, a room is automatically created for each of the catalogue’s modules. A site template makes sure that the rooms contain the right type of content and the right features.

The rooms draw information from the administration system and continuously update lists of students that follow a module. In this way, students are given access to the right rooms, and, at the same time, the display in module rooms of students, that follow a certain module, stays updated.

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