Culture-Bearing, Mobile Intranet - Packed with Video

Jyske Bank is the second largest Danish financial institution and the third largest financial institution on the Danish market. Offering a full range of financial services, mortgage credit and advice to private customers as well as businesses, Jyske Bank employs 4,021 employees in 101 departments worldwide.


Due to the organization’s many departments, employees in Jyske Bank are spread across different locations. When Jyske Bank were to renew the organization’s intranet, the goal, therefore, was to create a culture-bearing solution that could help bind the organization together around a common culture.


The world of sports and the commitment characterizing the fan culture surrounding a football team evoked inspiration. And JB United was created: A news driven intranet that matches the modern reality where online communication is social, mobile and packed with video. And of course, can be downloaded as an app!

With JB United we have registered 8 – 10 times more dialogue on our intranet. This means that the organization is now better united than ever.

We have, also, moved some of the critical dialogue, that would otherwise have taken place in the nooks, to a forum where we all have the possibility to contribute and where management can add points of views.

Per Esmann Jensen,
Branch Manager, Communication Online,
Jyske Bank

JB United – Intranet with an Aura of Fan Culture

News and Debate

JB United contains news and debate in the shape of text as well as video – as the bank’s own TV station is a huge supplier of content. All content can be liked and commented and employees can start a thread in the shape of text or video

Common Understanding

At the same time, the solution gathers attention around internal initiatives as events and important news. This creates a common understanding in the organization.

Evident Value


employees have downloaded JB United as an app


contributions with, in average, 6 comments since launch


videos have been uploaded since launch


employees use the app on a daily basis – of this more than half before normal working hours

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