Intranet Solution to Offer 14 Financial Institutes

Bankdata was in need of an intranet to offer the 14 financial institutes which are customers of the company.

 With Wizdom Bankdata has received an intranet solution to offer the 14 financial institutes. The intranet is rich in functionality, can be implemented in a very short timeframe and is perceived as user friendly by end users as well as editors and administrators.

“Wizdom intranet has been surprisingly fast to get up and running, the solution is rich in functionality, user friendly and has an appealing visual design. In Wizdom lies a lot of development which would cost a fortune to develop from the ground and up. Furthermore, Wizdom is a solution which we will recommend other companies to use.” says Pia Søgaard, IT consultant and Project Manager, Bankdata

Customer Profile:

Bankdata provides complete financial IT solutions, reliable services and maximum security for the financial industry and their customers. That is, all the IT and technical solutions a financial institute might need. Bankdata is owned by 14 financial institutes which are also Bankdata’s customers.

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