Intranet for a Diverse User Group

Aalborg Municipality is one of the largest municipalities in Danmarks. The municipality is a large organization with around 19000 employees. This makes Aalborg Municipality the largest workplace in the region.

As the organization employs a large number of employees, the intranet of Aalborg Municipality has to meet needs of staff members employed within a variety of job positions. This requirement has been met by a clever intranet IA and by allowing units to publish “local” information.

Also, a priority for Aalborg Municipality has been a fast and effective delivery of the SharePoint based intranet solution. With Wizdom, the technical part of the intranet solution was delivered within a month.

Wizdom offers a rich functionality that can be delivered and implemented within a very short time frame and to a good prize.

Niels Højdahl and Ib Thor Hansen
Respectively Project Manager and Web Coordinator
Aalborg Municipality

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