Jeff Teper’s keynote roundup from ESPC18

Jeff Teper's keynote roundup from ESPC18

Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President for OneDrive, SharePoint and Office, keynote speech was titled “Content collaboration in the modern workplace” and covered 3 main topics, aided by cameo appearances from Dan Holme and Naomi Moneypenny.


  • New features in SharePoint are making it easier to collaborate. For example list view formatting capabilities makes it easy to visualize data in SharePoint lists in a more visual way. The yammer web part was highlighted as a good way for employees to engage with leaders, and the new stream web part makes to possible to embed intelligent video content which is enriched with subtitles, translations, and is searchable so you can quickly fast forward to relevant content. For inspiration of how you can build the new SharePoint modern team and communication sites in an engaging manner, the SharePoint “Lookbook” was promoted.
  • Teams is getting a lot of traction in workplaces, and there is a big drive from Microsoft to push Teams event more, as they see it as the hub for teamwork in Office 365, and they continue to bring new capabilities to empower teams and organizations to achieve more. Some of the new SharePoint functionality such as the list view formatting will be coming soon to Teams as a native feature. The motto is “SharePoint + Teams” are better together! There is no “OR”.
  • The terms “Group-ify” and “Hub-ify” were mentioned where “Group-ify” means to upgrade an older “classic” team-site by assigning an Office Group. The benefits are huge since the team gets provisioned a heap of services which belong to Office 365 by default such as a shared mailbox, calendar, and planner etc. “Hub-ify” relates to a new process where modern team or communication sites in SharePoint can be promoted to be Hub sites, which are seen as a landing site for a number related sites within the Office 365 tenant. The idea is to create a relationship between sites which have something in common, and thereby allowing sharing of things like global navigation and theme.

File collaboration

  • For productivity, previews of more file types are becoming available, so that users can quickly see file content using mouse hover, rather than having to open the documents first. For collaboration, it is now possible to comment and notify other users whilst working directly within documents, empowering users to collaborate and communicate directly from the content they are working on. Another great new productivity feature in PowerPoint is the PowerPoint Designer, which can automatically generate a slick design based on the content of the slides.
  • Improvements have been made in security too. It will soon be possible in OneDrive to block download of selected files, or to specify a password which other users must be enter in order to access a file.

Intelligent content

  • The Office 365 home page now includes a graph powered search, which now empowers users to search through all Office 365 services which can be accessed via the graph. This includes Apps, files from OneDrive, people, sites across SharePoint Online, and conversations in Yammer and Microsoft Teams. This search bar is going to be omnipresent, therefore graph powered search will be available from everywhere, not just the Office 365 home page.
  • Bing corporate search was introduced which extends the power of search to the internet. This enables the embedding of Bing search results with results from within Office 365. Pretty neat.
  • We already heard about “Group-ify”, and “Hub-ify”. Now SharePoint Mobile app has been “Searchified”, and acts as the primary navigation mechanism once you start the app.
  • AI capabilities such as image processing can now be enabled. This allows for the automatic tagging of images with metadata like how many people are in the picture. Again, this is a great productivity enhancement for mobile users, since it is really easy to take or select photo with a mobile device but not so easily to fill in metadata.

As well as the points above, Dan Holme also did a demo of the coming features in modern SharePoint, such as megamenu, corporate news targeting and in general promoting SharePoint out of the box as a platform for building engaging intranet sites.

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