IPI and Wizdom Enter Into Partnership

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IPI and Wizdom Enter Into Partnership

We are pleased to announce the partnership with IPI, a highly specialized full-service intranet agency and German SharePoint pioneer.

As one of Germany’s largest full-service intranet agencies, IPI offers a unique combination of communication consultants, information architects, developers, design specialists, and system experts to provide customers with full support for their intranets.

Focal points of IPI projects are high productivity, shorter implementation time, high user experience, as well as mobile and responsive solutions. This is in line with the Wizdom product that offers a complete platform for information sharing and collaboration delivered within a short timeframe.

Key capabilities of the Wizdom product include:

  • Flexible branding, design, and templates enabling customers to support brand strategies at a corporate and departmental level.
  • Advanced corporate and departmental news publishing including social media support such as likes, channel subscription, personalized content, as well as easy news creation and publishing by content editors.
  • Easy creation of intranet IA.
  • Advanced governance ensuring owner assignment at creation, setting review dates for continued relevance, as well as re-assigning ownership when staff changes or organizational changes mandate this.
  • Strong Business Application framework that includes out-of-the-box apps like education and training and custom app development and deployment.

IPI has more than 20 years of experience and has delivered over 200 intranet projects for more than 2,000,000 users in various industries.

IPI will provide customers in the German marked with implementation and consulting services for Wizdom intranet.

We look forward to collaborating with IPI on delivering world-class intranet solutions.

About Wizdom

Building and delivering state-of-the-art digital workplaces is the lifeblood of what we do. Our top-rated intranet product offers components to build and brand a digital workplace on top of Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office 365, empowering over 300 digital workplaces around the globe.

Wizdom is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and deliver solutions all over the world through partners.

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