Modern SharePoint Experience and Wizdom – A match made in heaven

With Wizdom’s release of the Modern Experiences for SharePoint, we’re bringing out a new module that enables administrators to activate Wizdom within the new interface.

As content owner or IT professional you are in a great spot right now!

You have the possibility of taking advantage of the beautiful and intuitive interfaces of modern SharePoint, and the all-encompassing features of an intranet in-a-box product like Wizdom at the same time and get the best of both worlds.

Wizdom’s intranet solution fully supports and integrates with modern SharePoint, including communication and hub sites, so you can create a compelling intranet which truly meets your organizational needs.

You can complement modern sites with Wizdom’s sophisticated news publishing, content targeting, a great looking homepage and a variety of web parts which already integrate with modern. This enable you to deliver effective messaging, maintain governance and devolve some news creation to local communicators, while keeping central control of the homepage.

On top of this Wizdom modern functionalities also integrates and supports classic SharePoint too! With the updated Wizdom Mega Menu functionality you can now fully integrate modern content into your classic SharePoint intranet for easy navigation between modern and classic pages. Maintain the feeling of moving around in one coherent, digital environment – no more worrying about compatibility.

Also use the updated Mega Menu’s features to offer a personalized and targeted navigation that match your location, position, and interests and create a global navigation with content that adapts to the preferred language of your intranet and dive into a truly multilingual intranet straight away. This will keep your intranet relevant, support adoption and boost employee engagement.

Your intranet will also look beautiful too with Wizdom’s modern functionalities allowing you to customize and style modules using templates. This way you can makes sure that there is a fully-consistent look and feel through-out your entire intranet.

With Wizdom you can now build a more sustainable, evergreen and fully future-proofed intranet picking the very best features from Microsoft’s modern SharePoint and Wizdom which meets the needs of your company’s users, while satisfying organizational stakeholders.

Talk to us today about how we can help power your modern workday with Wizdom.

The new ‘Modern Experiences’ module

The ‘Modern Experiences’ module is found in the ‘Admin’ section of Wizdom Configuration Center’. Making it easy to implement and enabling you to be able to put all the new features of the Modern SharePoint Experience combined with Wizdom’s intranet solution to use within a short period of time.

How can I implement the SharePoint Modern Experience with Wizdom’s intranet?

By ticking the checkbox in the module’s administrations, you enable Wizdom’s features for the modern experiences. This means that when your solution is upgraded to new versions of Wizdom, Wizdom’s features for the modern experiences will be included in the upgrade and added to your solution.

If you uncheck the box, new updates to Wizdom’s features for the modern experiences will no longer be added to your solution as part of future Wizdom upgrades. However, Wizdom features for the modern experiences that has already been introduced to your solution, as part of an earlier release, will not be removed.

How can I deploy the SharePoint Modern Experience on my Wizdom intranet?

The ‘Deploy modern packages immediately’ button helps you if you would like to have Wizdom’s features for the modern experiences available in your solution before you upgrade Wizdom the next time.

After having checked the box and saved your changes, you press the button, and Wizdom’s features for the modern experiences will be deployed to your solution promptly.

Contact us or request a product demonstration to see how you can use Wizdom in conjunction with the Modern SharePoint Experience.

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