With a team of experts we can help you benefit fully from Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint.

We design and implement IT-infrastructure in order to provide you with world class productivity solutions. We work together with you in planning future changes and integration to a cloud hosted infrastructure. We offer strategic and technical guidance in evaluating the IT-infrastructure for existing applications.

On Your Way to Cloud?

 For many companies it is profitable to switch from their own IT-hosting to Cloud services. It requires consideration about how you get the relevant data and processes moved to the Cloud, plus a strategy to make sure you get the most out of the many different cloud services.

We work together with you to plan a safe way to the Cloud and a strategy that ensures you the full benefit of Microsoft Cloud services. We are certified Microsoft Cloud advisors and have several years of experience helping organisations from on-premise installations to the cloud with Office 365 and Azure or hybrid solutions that include applications on-premises as well as on the Cloud.


Your infrastructure is the foundation your applications and system – even your most business critical solutions – rest upon. Your IT-infrastructure therefore becomes a central part of the business: If you want to have optimal and effective work processes, then your IT-infrastructure has to be in order.

In Wizdom A/S we have highly specialised knowledge of Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint infrastructure. We have certified competencies and can guarantee you an IT-infrastructure that is optimised to support the systems that you use the platform for.