WEBINAR: How to bring your intranet into MS Teams

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WEBINAR: How to bring your intranet into MS Teams

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Date: 11th December 2019
Time: 15:00 - 15:30 CEST
Suitable for EU and North America regions

Creating the ONE corporate dashboard in MS Teams to navigate the digital workplace

Simplicity is a basic principle in UX, which is why we’ve created the one corporate dashboard in MS Teams, that enables you to navigate your digital workplace with ease. Application overload is becoming more prevalent within today’s digital landscape. Keeping ahead of the curve is becoming increasingly difficult. By having one dashboard where you access all your applications, we are alleviating major company pains in the area of application overload.

A recent study showed that:

  • The average worker flips between apps as frequently as 10 times per hour.
  • Among 2,000 workers from the US, UK, and Australia 69% reported wasting as much as 32 days a year navigating between apps.

As a hub for teamwork in Office 365, MS Teams is Microsoft’s solution for bringing the stack of productivity tools together to users in a single application. What we do is help bring your intranet into MS Teams.

In this webinar we will show how you can set up MS Teams to support this goal.

Learn how to:

  • Prevent employees from working in silos in individual teams within MS Teams.
  • Reach employees with corporate news and messaging in the MS Teams application.
  • Give users the possibility to handle work tasks requested by third party line-of-business applications inside of the MS Teams application.
  • Bring together notifications from different applications and present them intelligently to users in MS Teams.
  • Help users intuitively create content, news, and workspaces that comply to company standards.

Presented by

Nico de Jong
Innovation and Experience Lead, Wizdom & LiveTiles

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Suitable for EU and North America regions

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