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Governance and compliance
with Wizdom’s intranet

By offering administrators a powerful tool for complete intranet moderation, administration, and management we ensure compliance and make governance easy. 

Making sure the right people receive the right information

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Governance & Compliance in one place

Governing a multitude of sites, information and platforms becomes a cinch with Wizdom’s available feature modules

Manage the general intranet setup

Control all general settings for your Wizdom application like styling, permission settings, settings for pages, social features, Wizdom Analytics, upgrades, and languages.

Configure all Wizdom modules

Configure settings for all Wizdom’s modules including any custom modules made uniquely for your application.

Be in full control

Get the full overview of and manage individual project instances, service desks, Noticeboard channels, course catalogs, and site collections created in the Wizdom application.

Measure intranet success

Process data in accordance with GDPR

Governance & Compliance

Ensure employees are compliant within your internal business framework

Using Workspaces, the Wizdom Configuration Center and Policies & Procedures modules, you can stay a step ahead of the game, ensuring all your employees are within your corporate compliance rules and governance is done in a way as to not intrude.


Trusted By IT professionals and internal communicators worldwide

Wizdom is used in over 250 countries worldwide and is trusted by over 1 million users in the finance, education, manufactoring, public sector and utility industries.


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