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We support SharePoint 2019 on-prem

Engage with targeted news communication​

Use Wizdom’s news, communication, and social enterprise components for compelling news communication and easy content creation.​

Corporate News

Wizdom Corporate news features refined content publication functionality that allow content creators to easily broadcast engaging corporate. Editors can choose to highlight corporate news in beautiful picture sliders to grab staff attention. Allow editors to generate new news articles with a single click.​​


Share information with all relevant employees and, at the same time, get rid of mass email messages. Wizdom Noticeboard offers editors as well as end users an intuitive experience that makes writing, commenting, and reading news available for everyone in your organization.​ Helping you keep up to date with internal company news.

Noticeboard news list part

Connect people​

Connect your staff across departments and offices. Use the New Employees and Birthdays modules to encourage interactions between employees​.

People Directory​

Wizdom People Directory let users easily search, filter, and find co-workers by name, skill, expertise, department, or location (to name a few).​ Search hits on all metadata registered and hits on keywords users have attached to their SharePoint Profile/Delve People Experience.

Department Staff

Displaying selected people and their contact information, the Department Staff module provides users a great overview of a group of people e.g. people who work in a specific department. The web part can be set up to display employees from a department.​

Empower with social​​

Strengthen employee engagement and enrich the intranet with the voices of your staff. Wizdom supports social features in connection with all intranet content.

Social features on pages and news

If permitted globally by the intranet admin, social, comments, and @mentions can be enabled for all Wizdom pages and news.​ Enable or disable social on page level​. Receive notifications on all relevant @mentions, comments, elements, and news.​

Integration of social media feeds

Use Wizdom’s web parts to bring in feeds from social media channels.​ Instagram​, Facebook, YouTube​, Google, Yammer, Twitter, Two-way integration to Workplace by facebook.​​ Encouraging employee engagement by incorporating social feeds from everyday life.

Deliver rich media content​​

Drive your message home with visual content. ​Wizdom makes it easier than ever before to create powerful content with video and images.​

Image Slider​

The Image Slider displays images from a SharePoint library in a dynamic slideshow. The presentation is automated. Arrows in both sides of the image work as controls, letting users decide which image to view in the slider. Create links on images to e.g. use images in the slider for campaign promotion.​


Wizdom enables the use of video on all intranet pages and news. Easily create messages with videos uploaded to SharePoint or integrated from YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. Monitor Office 365 video channels and automatically create video news when new videos are published. Giving you technology that employees are familiar with.​​

Design & Branding​​

Design and branding

Custom styling

Get complete control of your intranet’s look and feel and create a unique design that extends to every corner. Wizdom’s Design & Branding module includes tools to enhance the design of your intranet with CSS and JavaScript.​​

Help users find their way​

Help users succeed in their quest for information. Wizdom’s audience targeted menus and quick links enable you to deliver an intuitive information architecture.​​

Mega Menu

The Mega Menu module offers a customizable global navigation for your intranet that can span across multiple site collections. Create a menu with rich media content like images, GIFs, and video using the Mega Menu’s HTML editor with text formatting tools.​​ Enabling you to find what you need quickly and without fuss.


The Footer module is a menu placed on all pages based on a Wizdom page layout. The menu is placed below other content on a page and contains links and a line of text. Build a footer menu than spans across content on an entire tenant or build different mega menus for different parts of your intranet.​​

Keep content fresh​

Secure your intranet against outdated content with Wizdom’s modules for content governance.​​​

Page Review Date

The Page Review module supports the content governance motor in Wizdom by applying review dates to pages created in your Wizdom intranet. In this way, pages are born with a plan to keep content up to date. The date can be manually changed by the editor.​​

Page Last Edited Info

All pages on your Wizdom intranet include data on when a page was last edited and by whom. This information is displayed in the upper left corner of pages. The information can be hidden on individual pages or disabled for the entire Wizdom application.​​

Inform on local matters​

Deliver intranet content that engages users with local information​.​​​


Wizdom Poll is a tool to easily create polls or surveys where employees can share their opinion on questions or issues with just a couple of mouse click. As each poll you create can include as many questions you’d like, you can even use the poll as a survey for e.g. measuring employee satisfaction.​​​


Create forms for catering orderings, event sign-ups, and feedback, or connect Wizdom Forms with workflows to create forms for leave requests, expense reimbursement, content approval flows, and more. With Wizdom Forms you can quickly create forms that are intuitive for users to complete.​



Measure intranet success

Without insights, you are missing out on key opportunities to manage and tweak important aspects of your intranet. With Wizdom Analytics you can create reports that enable you to check if your intranet is performing according to your digital strategies​​.

Support your multilingual organization​​​

Let your intranet cross borders and adapt to the language of different national cultures with Wizdom’s modules for language support.​​​​

Languages & Translations

Delivering users content in their native language is a natural result of considering your user front and center, and complying with their needs.​​​​ With Wizdom’s Language module, you can easily select the languages you want available in your Wizdom solution.​

Take collaboration to new heights

Help increase engagement level and achieve higher project success rates by super-powering employees with best-in-class collaboration tools.​​​​


Serving as the hub of the corporate wheel, the intranet portal makes a perfect collaboration platform. Wizdom Workspaces is a tool to manage and collaborate on projects or areas of interests from the intranet​​​. Site creation wizard makes users create the right type of collaboration space for the purpose.​


Get clear overview of all tasks in your project and insights into how they’re each progressing. Wizdom’s Kanban board is a task management tool that offers visual planning of work in different phases.​​ Easily create new tasks as cards and assign them to team members. Making project management easy.

Keep compliance effective​ and ensure GDPR Compliancy​

Ensure employees have easy access to business critical information with Wizdom’s features for delivering accurate instructions and keeping track of compliance.​​​​​

Policies & Procedures

One tool for all corporate policies & procedures​. Offering advanced governance features and intuitive editor tools, the Policies & Procedures module meets demands for making all types of policies and procedures readily available on your intranet.​​​​ Making document governance and compliance a cinch.

Forget user

The module anonymizes selected user(s)’ full name and email where these data appear in the database of your Wizdom solution. This means, that for all GDPR purposes, that person’s information is no longer stored, and any content, the user has provided, will have ‘unknown’ as author.​​​

Offer intranet on all devices​

Meet users where they are with Wizdom’s mobile app and responsive design.​​​​​​

Wizdom Mobile App​

By offering a simple and clean version of your intranet, Wizdom mobile app makes readily available information and tools that help employees in their work day. The mobile app is completely configurable allowing you to make available the information and tools that help your staff in their work day.​​​​​​

100 % Responsive Design

Wizdom is designed from a mobile first approach and offers users a complete intranet experience across all devices. All Wizdom sites, pages, web parts, and modules are born with a responsive design letting employees collaborate and retrieve necessary information whenever and wherever they need it.​​​

Ensure relevancy with content targeting​​​

Content targeting

Wizdom modules

With the ‘Wizdom Audiences’ module we’ve put the control of creating groups for content targeting in the hands of the Wizdom intranet administrator. The module enables you to create own groups to target Noticeboard news, content in the mega menu, quick links etc. to any audience you can think up.​​

Provide intuitive Content Management​​

Let editors create content without struggling with technical issues. Wizdom’s CMS tools support content creators in creating intranet content that adheres to corporate standards.​​​​​​​

Content Pages

Wizdom features a collection of 13 page layouts designed and developed by industry experts. Every layout offers a unique composition of page content.​​​​​ The mobile app is completely configurable allowing you to make available the information and tools that help your staff in their work day.​

Site Templates

Wizdom includes a selection of site templates designed for specific purposes. All site templates include page layouts and settings that are apt for the function of the site. When editors create a site for e.g. news or collaboration, they are intuitively led to use the site template built for this specific purpose.​​​​

Meet unique needs with Extensibility

The Wizdom product is characterized by being highly and easily customizable. Wizdom extensibility provides you with the framework to construct your own custom features that fulfill the unique needs of your organization​.​​​​​​​

Wizdom Templates

Wizdom templates offer a simple way to custom style the look, feel, and functionality of Wizdom’s modules and their web parts with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Non-technical users can easily shift between available templates to find the appropriate look and feel for the web part in question.​​

Wizdom Development Framework

he extensibility concept of Wizdom is based on standard web technology like JavaScript, REST API, and webhooks and allows developers to create unique, innovative solutions that will be fully supported and compatible with future Wizdom and SharePoint updates.​​​​

Deliver powerful administration​

Wizdom excels by offering administrators a powerful tool for complete intranet moderation, administration, and management.​​​​​​​

Wizdom Configuration Center​

Intranet control made simple. Wizdom includes a rich collection of setup tools that empowers administrators to easily manage, update, and enhance the intranet. Wizdom Configuration Center is the cockpit that provides admins and editors easy access to these tools. Making life easier for IT and intranet admins to do their job.​​​​​​

Wizdom Help & Training portal

As a customer, you have access to Wizdom Help & Training portal where you’ll find a wealth of easy-to-follow training material and video guides covering everything from setting up forms to refining search, creating content in SharePoint, and setting up Corporate News to match your exact needs. ​​​​

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