Design and Branding

Design and Branding

Use Wizdom’s Design & Branding module to ensure all corners of your intranet reflect the visual design you choose.

Align intranet branding with your corporate identity

Design and branding - It's in your hands


Make your employees jobs easier with a streamlined brand identity that helps them find the information they need quickly and efficiently

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How does it help with employee engagement?

Creating a positive user experience should not only extend to your customers’, but should be ingrained within your organization from the get go. When employees see and can use your intranet in a fluid way, it becomes second nature to check the intranet homepage each day and a joy to see what needs to be done, updated and read. Not to mention the ease of use that comes with good design and branding. From when your employees walk through the door until when they go home, creating a digital workplace that reflects the office environment helps employee engagement and encourages them to interact with your intranet in positive ways.


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Styling with mouse clicks alone

Administrators can intuitively define general look and feel of the intranet as well as font type, colors, and link behavior for individual sections like.

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Create a selection of style themes

Create unique styles for different brands in your organization or themes to use for special events.

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Multi-site configuration

Make one styling span across content on an entire tenant or build different style themes for different parts of your intranet.


Employing Custom Styling and JavaScript to create a complete custom visual identity.

Or, you can customize singular web parts with CSS to form a branded section, different to other sections in the website. For example, with the Policies web part. Maybe you would like a different look and feel in that section, to the rest of the site. You can simply add a class to the web part and you’re on your way.

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