3 webinars on how to build an engaging intranet with SharePoint modern wizdom

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How to build an engaging intranet for the digital workplace with SharePoint modern & Wizdom

Join us for a series of three webinars on “How to build an engaging intranet for the digital workplace with SharePoint modern & Wizdom”! Please note that the webinars are held in Danish.

If you’re a Danish company looking for a new intranet to revitalize your digital workplace and add power to your internal communication and collaboration, then our upcoming webinars are for you.

During the webinars we’ll discuss:

* What is SharePoint modern and what are the pros and cons compared to classic?

* What possibilities does it offer digital workplace efforts based on O365?

* What challenges does it present?

* How does Wizdom (or other in-a-box products) fit into this picture?

* How to get the best of both worlds with a Wizdom intranet on SharePoint

Through our three webinar sessions you will get detailed insights and inspiration about the possibilities a modern SharePoint & Wizdom intranet will offer your employees and your organization.

News + Personal productivity

1st session – Thursday March 28th 15pm (CET)

Here we will focus on how a Wizdom & SharePoint intranet can help you to:

* Engage users through targeted personalized communication – vertical and horizontal, all the way from corporate level to peer-to-peer interactions andsocial exchanges.

* Empower users with tools for personal productivity to support efficiency in daily task-solving and better experiences in interactions with tools, people, and information in the digital workplace

Information management & Compliance

2nd session – Thursday April 25th 15 pm (CET), Find & discover

During this session we will look at how a Wizdom & SharePoint Online solution enables you to:

* Manage information and make it accessible to the right users – enabling users to find the updated information they need and discover content that is relevant to them.

* Ensure that guidelines are distributed across the organization, company policies and security regulatory complied with.

* Enable editors to succeed by providing them with the right tools and valuable overview they need in the daily work.

Collaboration & knowledge management, Governance & Intranet management

3rd session – May 15th, 15:00 CET

In our last session we will consider how your Wizdom & SharePoint Online intranet could support:

* Smooth collaboration and knowledge sharing across the entire organization.

* Utilization of the many possibilities the SharePoint and O365 platforms offer you.

* Maintenance of governance and long-term sustainability and scalability around your intranet and digital workplace.

Webinar Contact

Signe Geckler

Senior Digital Workplace Consultant signeg@wizdom-intranet.com