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Mulberry is a UK designer, manufacturer and retailer of luxury bags and accessories. Founded in the early seventies, the company is recognised as an iconic British brand.

Previously Mulberry had never had a company-wide intranet. With 1,400 employees split between premises in London and Somerset, as well as in retail outlets and across global locations, Mulberry wanted to improve communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing throughout the company.

Mulberry engaged Content Formula to implement a brand-new intranet and collaboration solution that could drive efficiencies and help employees work more effectively, while preserving Mulberry’s friendly organisational culture.

Leveraging the power of Wizdom and Microsoft Teams

Content Formula’s consultants recommended deploying Wizdom’s SharePoint intranet-in-a-box to support internal communications and knowledge-sharing.

Wizdom’s easy-to-use interfaces, flexible templates and ability to support decentralised publishing made it the perfect solution to ensure Mulberry’s first intranet would have a major impact.

It was also agreed that Mulberry leverage the power of Microsoft Teams, to help streamline communication and collaboration within teams, departments and cross-functional groups.

Mulberry Case study

Understanding users

To gain a thorough understanding of users, Content Formula ran a detailed discovery process. A focus group with stakeholders and extensive user interviews surfaced common frustrations as well as ideas for improvement.

This input was analysed and captured in a report which made recommendations on how the new intranet could streamline communication, improve processes and kick-start collaboration. We also developed a draft information architecture.

To make the intranet successful and sustainable, we also held adoption workshops for Mulberry to consider ways to engage and support content owners and users.

The new intranet

With the scope agreed, we started the design and build. We worked closely with Mulberry, project managing the implementation on their behalf, and seeking input from stakeholders and users on wireframes and designs. We also supported content owners with training sessions and content guidelines.

Finally. the new intranet was soft launched to selected users before a company-wide roll-out. Based on fresh feedback we made further improvements, including the ability for staff to track and spend their discounts on Mulberry goods.

Mulberry Company
Mulberry intranet screenshot

Revolutionising communication

The new intranet has revolutionised communication inside Mulberry; there is now one place for news and updates from right across the company. Using the powerful noticeboard feature, teams can submit news which is aggregated on the intranet homepage. The result is a better informed and engaged workforce, with the ability to read strategic, operational and people-centred articles.

The intranet is also now the source of truth for critical company information through a policies and procedures library, a “How Do I” section detailing how to complete tasks and access systems and even a store directory.

Team communication has been liberated from email by using Microsoft Teams for real-time messaging, document-sharing and discussions. To drive adoption, Teams is integrated into the intranet so that employees can reach the spaces they are assigned to via a landing page.

Exceeding expectations

The benefits from the intranet have exceeded Mulberry’s expectations. There is now effective communication across the company, bringing different locations, departments and teams closer together. This is preserving Mulberry’s friendly company culture and driving a real sense of community.

A central repository of organisational knowledge and resources is saving time for employees and driving efficiencies. The new intranet and Office 365 also offer the opportunity to incrementally build a true digital workplace and further drive productivity.

MULBERRY'S recommendations and future success

Working with our Partner, Content Formula, some of the main recommendations stem from the need to simplify communications and add value by incorpoartaing teams. Three recommendations from this project are listed below.

Feature release number one

Using a local Partner has many benefits

Finding the right Partner with the know-how needed is beneficial

Feature release two

Have a clear plan

Write down and communicate all your needs before embarking on the project

Feature release number 3

Understand your users

Use focus groups and find people with the knowledge

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About Mulberry

Mulberry's heritage - and hence our identity - is quintessentially British. Early inspiration was drawn from the styles synonymous with English rural pursuits - hunting, shooting, fishing - and Mulberry's immediately-identifiable, utterly individualistic style came to be dubbed "Le Style Anglais" in 1975. This idea is still inspires us. Between town and country, between Somerset serenity and London pace, Mulberry combines authentic, age-honoured craft with an innovative fashion character. Heritage meet rebellion - rules are broken, to make something new.

Read more about Mulberry on their website.

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