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Cloud ready – intranet first


On top of a hill in the northern part of Aarhus, Denmark, lies the headquarters of KRIFA – the fourth largest Danish trade union with over 200.000 members and roots back to 1899, where the constitution of the Danish labor market was founded.

Originally starting with Lotus Notes, KRIFA is relatively experienced within intranets. The organization first started using the Wizdom platform with SharePoint 2010 on premise solution and has since migrated to later versions of Wizdom acting as the intranet backbone for the organization’s 800 users. An advantage of this long-term relationship is a knowledgeable IT department which sets the direction and acts as main driver for the organization’s digital workplace projects in close cooperation with KRIFA’s Communications department.

This was also the case in the summer of 2017, where the final signoff from KRIFA executive management was obtained to start migrating to Wizdom Online/ O365 in the Cloud from a 2013 on premise Wizdom intranet solution.


"Wizdom Online/ O365 is the first step towards the possibilities that lie ahead for more digital cooperation."

Jan Rosendahl, Krifa

Choosing the right service

As a starting point KRIFA was not interested in a 1:1 migration. The organization wanted to restructure parts of their intranet in the migration process i.e. its legal department handbook which was created using the Handbook module in Wizdom. However, restructuring is not possible in a 1:1 Full Migration process.

Using Wizdom’s Assisted Migration instead, this offers the advantages of being able to change the structure of a site architecture in the migration process as well as the possibility of slicing up the process in pieces that suit the organization’s internal resources and strategies.

With this plan in hand for KRIFA Wizdom consultants provided the tools and lay out the necessary steps to initiate the Assisted Migration. KRIFA already built the O365 environment for the migration using their insightfulness, so all that was needed was the migration itself – the foundation was already in place.


Migrating essentials

Like in many other organizations KRIFA’s intranet plays a significant role and has historically revolved around three key items which were the central parts in the migration; News channels, Knowledge and Tools.

The News channel is built up around the central theme of making sure everyone in KRIFA visits company news every morning to share the same information that leads the organization in the same direction. Classic intranet features that Wizdom handles so well. After the migration KRIFA now uses the included “Notifications” module in Wizdom Online/ O365 to make News in Noticeboards accessible from anywhere in their intranet platform.

The Knowledge section is available to all employees at KRIFA and contains every department’s specialist information as well as company culture documentation, like mission statement, KRIFA values etc. plus employee handbooks. Migrating this essential information to Wizdom Online/ O365 was made possible via a dedicated Wizdom script which KRIFA tweaked. This made sure that all employees had the different types of information readily available on their new platform after the entire migration.

The same procedure was applied to the migration of KRIFA’s Tools. This part in KRIFA’s intranet is the gateway to primarily the graphical possibilities like photos, videos but also reservations etc. placed in site collections with both internal and external links.

Having migrated essential parts of their intranet completely, the Assisted Migration process enable KRIFA to bring other parts like their Wizdom Training and Event module as well as their Wizdom Service Desk onto KRIFA’s new cloud-based platform in the order, structure and timeframe that they see fit.

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The value in the Cloud

The first step towards moving to the Cloud was already taken in the fall of 2014, where KRIFA participated at a Microsoft event. The organization’s IT department saw the possibilities within cloud-based O365 and anticipated needs within KRIFA in the time to come that led them to sell the idea of migrating to the Cloud to executive management. The message was that this could benefit the entire organization, not just specific departments.

And KRIFA’s primary drivers for migrating to the Cloud via the Wizdom Online/ O365 platform was to take advantage of all the tools available as well as be present on the latest platform, where the innovation will take place in the future. The migration opens up for far better cooperation possibilities compared to before.

Especially being able to work cross-function as well as with people outside the organization on projects appealed to KRIFA. This also supported their mantra of thinking on a wider scale and not in silos. Accessing the Wizdom Online and the tools in O365 from anywhere and from many different platforms was another item on KRIFA’s wishlist that migrating to the Cloud fulfilled.

But the list of advantages to implement or explore does not end there. Tools and possibilities in the Cloud from both Microsoft and Wizdom are still being evaluated by KRIFA IT acting as project lead for the rest of the organization. Internal workshops serve to uncover the needs of the business side in KRIFA that tools within Wizdom Online/ O365 can solve. Offering tools that can help grow the business and empower employees even more makes the migration far more tangible and productive for executive management and the rest of the organization.


"Knowledge-sharing is where the big reward lies."

Lars Stig Madsen, Krifa

KRIFA’s recommendations and future success

Naturally many questions arise within an organization before embarking on the journey of migrating essential IT systems like an entire intranet. Questions that Wizdom’s consultants have the proven expertise and knowledge to help with.
Asked what recommendations KRIFA would give to anyone contemplating to migrate, they offer up the following top three intranet migration advices:

Feature release number one

Do it – it is definitively worthwhile

Just be prepared that it demands resources and focus.

Feature release two

Allocate enough time for tests

Run different setups and test the many possibilities.

Feature release number 3

Obtain management support

Analyze the needs of the organization, both current and in the future, and offer up tangible solutions that tools in the cloud offer.

With the above in place organizations of any type can be well on their way to reaping the rewards of Wizdom Online/ O365 intranet. KRIFA for one has done an exemplary piece of work with an IT department which is embracing the trends set forth by top IT research companies like Gartner, that the IT departments of today need to take part in ensuring the success of the organization. For KRIFA this means taking their intranet to the cloud with Wizdom.

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About Krifa

Krifa's story is a story about an organization that, despite adversity, stuck to the desire to be something else and something more. By creating a desire to have a good workplace and influence workplaces, Krifa hopes to shape society towards a better workplace environment. With its 200,000 members, Krifa is today the fourth largest trade union movement in Denmark. Krifa's headquarters is located in Aarhus, Denmark, where the Executive Board and a number of key functional areas such as the cash register secretariat, legal department, finance, sales and communication. It is our contact centers and local customer centers that have direct contact with the members.