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Agile Communication Models – Not just empty words

To share the current internal and external news in the company in real time was difficult, bringing all employees up to the same level of knowledge in a quick way was a challenge. As in other companies, a central digital place where both management and employees could communicate interactively with each other was missing. Besides that, coordinating the international teams was a complex undertaking.  Information and feedback from distributed documents had sometimes to be merged manually. In short: For an employee at Karger Publishers, the way of communicating and working was confusing and therefore exemplary for many people in other companies as well.


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Typical challenges that Karger and other companies face

The main problems for the employees at Karger were that there was no central place where all information would come together and could be actively exchanged. Working together in teams around the globe was difficult because they lacked the necessary collaboration tools. E-mail was the main medium of communication, which made working in different teams problematic. For example, there was no means of displaying a project’s history. The existing digital workplace was not conceived for dialogue. There was no interactivity, only top-down information. Some documents were only written in German, some only in English.

Karger urgently needed a new internal communications and collaboration tool: an inviting, appealing and bi-lingual (German/English) solution for existing and new employees that was intuitive and made collaboration fun.


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The digital workplace in the strategic context

We developed a bespoke digital workplace solution in collaboration with Karger and supported the client throughout the entire development process – from analysis to solution. There was much more to the process than simply rolling out new technology at Karger. Daniel Ebneter, Karger’s CEO, had very clear ideas on how he wanted the people in his publishing house to collaborate in cross-functional teams.  Implementing the digital workplace was a logical step we had to take in line with our new strategy.


“The Karger Publishers’ digital workplace went live after several-months of incremental design and testing. Based on Microsoft SharePoint and the Wizdom Framework, it provides the basis for new ways of communication and collaboration at Karger. It will help us to become even more agile, innovative and efficient.”

Daniel Ebneter, CEO Karger


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Fast-track implementation with AN MVP

We set up the first version of the Karger Publishers digital workplace as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) so that we had the necessary flexibility when deciding further steps of the strategy. Our jointly developed solution thus gradually took shape. The new Karger Publishers digital workplace isn’t just a web platform. It’s a customized, multilingual work environment at all the publisher’s locations with a look and feel that reflects the company’s new philosophy, culture and branding. Especially the "Karger Hub" inspires the staff: a central solution, where information about internal and external news of Karger is shared, built up from different channels, which can be compiled individually.


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Central solution for Karger’s digital transformation

The digital workspace is an essential aspect of Karger’s digital transformation process. It is the central solution enabling the client to build on information, distribution and collaboration. Tools such as Office 365, Power Apps and Power BI are also provided for simple integration into the Karger workflows.

The executive management both strongly supports and actively uses the new digital workplace. Information in messages and blogs are shared directly with all team members so that they can provide feedback, thereby encouraging transparent and two-way communication across all hierarchies. At the same time, public social feeds are integrated in the digital workplace.


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Summary: A Communication All-rounder with potential for more

The Karger Publishers digital workplace delivers functionalities on three levels: content distribution, collaboration, and personalization. This new form of collaboration not only involves messaging, but also content sharing and collective document processing. The digital workplace therefore promotes interactivity, facilitates adaptation and content sharing. It also speeds up business processes. All the people in the Karger organization, whatever their location, can collaborate more efficient than before. They have immediate access to all information – not just in Switzerland but anywhere in the world.


“Trivadis was fully integrated in the Karger project team. Without Trivadis it wouldn't have been possible, in the short project time, to implement all of the new functions that we have in the digital workplace today. We now have an intelligent solution unlike anything we’ve had before.”

Adrian Harper, Head of Digital Landscape at Karger Publishers


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Trivadis' solution

The solution at a glance

  • Digital workplace as a central element of the digital transformation
  • Central solution for transparent communication across all levels
  • Support of agile communication and working methods
  • Global, multilingual collaboration in joint projects
  • Business and process optimization

Key technologies at a glance

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Wizdom, Digital Workplace Framework
  • Microsoft Flow | PowerApps | Forms

Wizdom webparts utilized in the solution

  • Startpage
  • Noticeboard --> Karger HUB
  • Noticeboard Archive
  • Corportate News
  • Mega-Menu
  • Collaboration
  • Workspaces: Overview¬Metadata (WebPart)
  • Workspace Provisioning
  • Departments
  • Policies&Procedures
  • Department Staff
  • Compliance Report
  • General
  • Page Info
  • Mobile APP
  • PowerPanel - Digital Workplace
  • Quicklinks
  • People Directory

Karger customer case video transcript

"Karger Verlag was founded in 1890 as a family company in Berlin. Karger is dedicated to serving the information needs of scientists, clinicians and patients, and we continuously evolve along with current developments. “ Andre Janssen, CEO, S.Karger AG


“Digital workplace is something that Karger is pushing as part of an overall strategy.” Adrian Harper, Head of Digital Landscape, S.Karger AG


Karger’s strategy is to evolve into more than just a publishing company. With the knowledge we have in-house, we see an opportunity to build new business models, covering and supporting the knowledge cycle of health sciences.” Andre Janssen, CEO, S.Karger AG


“We have changed the organizational structure within the company. And the Digital Workplace fits into that as a collaboration tool to bring people together. The requirements from the users were very simple: They want ease of use and they want everything in one place.” Adrian Harper, Head of Digital Landscape, S.Karger AG


“It’s all a lot more compressed than in the past, where you had to find all the information in different places.” Herbert Wäckerlin, Copy Editor at S.Karger AG


“The transition to Digital Workplace came very naturally to me. It’s right here. In the morning when I come in and open the browser, there it is.” Angela Lorenz, Manager, Editorial Office, S.Karger AG


“This is really a change of thoughts. We are breaking down silos so there is no departmental thinking only. We think and we give information across all departments.” Andre Janssen, CEO, S.Karger AG


“I think the Digital Workplace allows me to get information more quickly and gives me much quicker access to the documents I need, especially also at home.” Angela Lorenz, Manager, Editorial Office, S.Karger AG


“Thanks to Digital Workplace, I am able to work not only in the office but outside, as you can see I can do it in the green, in parks or in airports. I have access to Digital Workplace everywhere.” Andre Janssen, CEO, S.Karger AG


“Working with Trivadis allowed us to deliver a platform such as DWP in a relatively short amount of time, that we would definitely would not have achieved using our internal resources.” Adrian Harper, Head of Digital Landscape, S.Karger AG


“Karger is going through this change, and Digital Workplace is one of these tools we had to implement. You have one place to work on.” Andre Janssen, CEO, S.Karger AG

Cloud ready – intranet first


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About Karger Publishers

Karger Publishers is a worldwide publisher of scientific and medical content based in Basel, Switzerland. It is independent and family-led in the fourth generation by Chairwoman and Publisher Gabriella Karger. Connecting and advancing health sciences since 1890, Karger has been continuously evolving, keeping pace with the current developments and shifts in research and publishing. The publishing house is dedicated to serving the information needs of the scientific community, clinicians and patients with publications of high-quality content and services in health sciences. Karger Publishers has 240 employees and is present in 15 countries around the globe.

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