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Axpo creates a state-of-the-art intranet for all employees

Employee inclusion through personalization


Existing intranet end of life

Axpo's existing SharePoint-based intranet, an individual development, had grown organically over several years. Over time, the structure became increasingly complex and the content volume grew steadily - in contrast to the overview and relevance. The responsible persons therefore decided to realize a new intranet platform. This with two primary goals in mind: The structure was to be simpler and the information was to be "purified". According to the motto "less is more", the aim was to maintain relevant content and to omit the rest of the content.

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Insider an intranet for 2800 users - in Switzerland and internationally

The new intranet platform represents the first step on Axpo's strategic roadmap towards the Digital Workplace.


"We wanted to launch a Social Intranet with personalization options and initial social features, that would serve as the basis for institutionalized bottom-up and peer-to-peer communication. Axpo also renewed its corporate design. The new intranet is the first corporate solution to feature the new corporate design."

Emma Ayubi, Project Manager at AXPO

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Wizdom and 1stQuad scored best in the evaluation of various technical solutions and partners.

Axpo had evaluated various solutions in advance and ultimately opted for Wizdom and 1stQuad. Today, Axpo employees benefit from the modern intranet platform "Insider" based on Microsoft SharePoint 2016 and the SharePoint add-on Wizdom. Wizdom adds typical intranet and digital workplace functions to SharePoint's out of the box capabilities. Company news are published in a target-group-oriented manner on various subscription channels. Contributions can be liked and commented. And all important functions and information are available for use on a clear, graphically attractive start page.

Intranet solutions created with Wizdom are also inherently responsive. Navigation and content appear on PCs, tablets and smartphones with the same high level of user-friendliness and a display optimized for the respective end device. Axpo employees can now also access the intranet from their mobile devices. This was not possible with the previous solution.

Close collaboration, agile approach, convincing results

1stQuad was able to implement the "Insider" project in close collaboration with Axpo. The new solution was developed between April and October 2018 using an agile methodology in around a dozen sprints. The core teams of Axpo and 1stQuad each comprised 3 people. They were supported by Axpo's IT department. The effort for the entire project was around 130 man-days.

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Functionality goes beyond Wizdom

Since Insider is used internationally at Axpo, multilingualism was an important requirement. Although Wizdom offers simple options for multilingual scenarios, it did not meet Axpo's needs. As part of the Insider project, 1stQuad developed special functions to make both navigation and content available in two languages. The language can now be switched between German and English on each page.

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About Axpo Group

Axpo Group reliably produces, trades and sells energy for over 3 million people and thousands of companies in Switzerland and over 30 European countries. About 4200 employees combine the expertise from 100 years of climate-friendly electricity production with innovative power for a sustainable energy future.

About 1st Quad

Intelligent digitization is our passion. Since 2009 1stQuad accompanies companies and organizations on their way to the “Digital Enterprise”. 1st Quad are Digital Workplace specialists with extensive expertise in communication and collaboration. 1st Quad digitize business processes and develop user-centric applications and  uses the potential of digitizing information and processes to increase efficiency, simplify collaboration and increase customer satisfaction.

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