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The modern CKW Gruppe intranet services 1700 employees within the electricity sector.

New modern communication and collaboration solution


Together with our Partner 1stQuad Solutions, we implemented a new intranet solution for the Swiss Electricity company CKW Gruppe. CKW Gruppe has been supplying central Switzerland with electricity – from turbine to power for many years. What started with a hydroelectric power plant in Rathausen is now a company with more than 1,700 employees. The new intranet aptly called “Insider” has been available to CKW employees since October 2018. “Insider” runs on Office 365 and is based on the SharePoint add-on “Wizdom.” In a close collaboration between CKW and 1stQuad, the new intranet was designed, implemented and introduced in just 3 months.

“Insider” is a modern intranet for all 1,700 CKW employees

The starting point at CKW was clear. The previous intranet should be replaced and a new modern communication and collaboration solution created on the basis of the Office 365 platform. But how do you realize a modern intranet based on Office 365? The CKW Gruppe decided to evaluate various so-called SharePoint “add-ons” – which already cover typical intranet basic requirements. The evaluation ended in a POCathon, where three service providers were commissioned, with requirements prioritized by CKW Gruppe. The idea was to implement and present user stories with their respective solutions, on site. At the end of the two-day POCathon, CKW Gruppe opted for 1stQuad and the Intranet/Digital Workplace “add-on” product Wizdom.

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"Our agile project approach (scrum) was well supported by 1stQuad. After a few sprints, a joint, cross-functional team established itself. 1stQuad impressed with a very broad skillset from technology to strategy topics, which were used at all levels such as management, leadership and employees in a ready-to-eat manner."

Hans-Peter Kälin, Scrum Master, CKW Gruppe.

Taking it to a global audience with a responsive intranet

The new CKW Intranet “Insider” is responsive and is accessible to employees from all over the world. News communication is personalized and can be target-group specific in different channels. Often used information and tools, are easily accessible on the home page. But “insiders” also enables digital collaboration in “virtual workspaces,” which are accessible via the main navigation.

CKW Gruppe mobile screenshot
CKW Gruppe mobile screenshot

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"Wizdom is easy to use-both for administrators and for the end-user, and can be customized to meet customer needs. An ingenious product that meets the demands of a modern communication and collaboration solution!"

Yvonne Ruckli, Product Owner, CKW

The CKW Group also includes other companies whose appearance can differ from the parent company. Logo and colors, but also content is  different depending on the company. For these differing companies, Wizdom was able to show different areas and keep their own branding, so that the employees of these companies can remain within and see they are in their own companies intranet. The introduction of a new intranet always requires appropriate communication and change management measures. It wasn’t possible until now for CKW employees to access the old intranet with a mobile device.

Internal intranet onboarding with chocolate

This innovation had to be introduced to employees. The creative CKW corporate communication team at CKW Gruppe created instructions for the new intranet printed on the packaging of a bar of chocolate, including an image of the intranet on a smartphone, to help with the new intranet onboarding.

Wizdom, a flexible basis for modern Intranets/Digital Workplaces

1stQuad started investigating the different intranet/Digital Workplace products or SharePoint “add-ons.” With Wizdom, 1stQhad was easily convinced of the possibilities that could be obtained within the product, to achieve a high level of employee engagement and technical functionality. Currently, 1stQuad is implementing Wizdom-based Intranets/Digital Workplaces in several companies. With Wizdom, a modern Intranet/Digital Workplace can be realized and introduced for a larger company in a short period of time. The typical basic intranet requirements contained in the Wizdom feature range, as well as the customization/expansion options, offer a lot of flexibility and allow for quick, agile implementation. Wizdom is also flexible in terms of architecture, and can be online with SharePoint on premises as well as SharePoint Office 365. Do you also want to renew your intranet and better digitize your communication and collaboration processes? Want to learn more about the possibilities with Wizdom? You’re more than welcome to contact 1stQuad.

Chocolate bars for employee onboarding
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About CKW Gruppe

CKW Gruppe has been supplying central Switzerland with electricity – from turbine to power for many years.

About 1st Quad Solutions

Since 2009 1st Quad Solutions has been helping organizations on their way to becoming a "Digital Enterprise". 1st Quad are Digital Workplace specialists with extensive expertise in communication and collaboration. And they do that by digitizing business processes and develop user-centric applications, using the potential of digitizing information and processes to increase efficiency, simplify collaboration, and increase customer satisfaction.