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Reaching for lightning

Be a part of something bigger


In Wizdom A/S we want to be a different IT company. With focus on work development and freedom with responsibility, we come to work each day to create the world’s best intranet.

In Wizdom A/S we focus on you having a challenging job where you impact your own professional development. We have a flat organisational structure with a short decision process. That together with our status as a product house means that your ideas can quickly come to life.

Our work approach is freedom with responsibility. You will work together with great colleagues with a strong sense of teamwork. We offer flexible working hours as well as an exciting product in an expanding company. We are where the world is!

“I have worked here for 5 years and I feel challenged every day. Wizdom is in constant development and the tasks keep changing so I never get bored. In addition we have great colleagues and a great community”

“We laugh a lot and we’re always able to geek a bit of Game of Thrones, Tour de France and graphic cards”

“After finishing my Master of Science while working at Wizdom for several years as a student assistant, I decided to make Wizdom my permanent workplace as a Digital Designer.

I’ve found that I have grown both personal and professional at Wizdom, and my job is both challenging and exciting with a lot of responsibility”




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Our Social Identity

Wizdom A/S is packed with innovative geeks and there´s room to pursue one’s own interests. There´s room to fly drones in our offices, to discuss hardware and play a game of fuzball. Additionally you can join in the frequent trips to the cinema. Other than this we have small social events arranged by the employees themselves. In May 2017 a brave troop of employees represented the company at Lillebælt Half Marathon. Likewise we have several social events several times a year across the country, such as our summer party and Christmas party.

Lastly we often go on a joint company trip. We have, among other things, visited Toscana, Saint Petersburg and Dublin.


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World’s Highest Rated SharePoint Intranet

Our Intranet Wizdom has just been rated the world’s best intranet for SharePoint. In Wizdom A/S we are excited to continue this amazing journey and the potential is enormous.

As an IT product house we offer our employees direct access to the product as well as opportunities to develop, participate and create their own tasks and workplace.

We encourage our employees to be innovative, curious and to try out new ideas.

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An Innovative Company in Growth

Wizdom offers new employees a chance to become part of a growing company, where tomorrow will never bring the same as the day before.

The Intranet business is a fast growing international industry. You can therefore anticipate working closely with our customers and partners, both in Denmark and internationally.

Do you want to be a part of an expanding company, where we go the extra mile for our customers, then come and join our team. We are always looking for qualified candidates with SharePoint knowledge or candidates with the right intranet mindset.

We have offices located in Herlev and Vejle that are both situated near to public transportation and have good parking options.



Recruitment process

We strive to keep you informed throughout the entire recruitment process. You will receive confirmation that we have received your application as well as information regarding the ensuing hiring process. We generally do not work with a deadline for applications, but process the applications on a regular basis.

If we think your skills match and would like to see you for an interview then you can expect the following recruitment process:

At the first interview we would like to hear about your qualifications, previous jobs etc. The purpose of the interview is to ensure that you are the right match for us and that we are the right match for you.

This interview will expand on the first interview. We would like to get to know you even better and you can anticipate that we will ask you additional questions about your qualifications. Depending on the job, we will often provide you with a test or a task to document your knowledge within your area of expertise.

Sometimes we will conduct a third interview. During this interview we will negotiate terms of employment etc.

If you have any questions regarding the recruitment process please contact our HR at: