Tidy up your intranet before the holiday season

Intranet ready for the new year with hot air ballloon

Tidy up your intranet before the holiday season

We all know what happens when the holiday season rolls around. People get distracted with buying gifts and trying to finish up tasks before they leave on vacation. What we all should remember is business doesn’t stop. The wheels of commerce keep rolling, at a somewhat slowed down pace, but still, they do not stop for Christmas.


What can you do to lighten the load and make sure there’s not a mess waiting for you when the new year rolls around?

Make sure you set your email auto-reply, for when you leave the office. That way, you can rest assured you won’t miss anything important, or can pass it on to the lucky one who drew the short straws and will man the office whilst everyone is eating copious amounts of food and making merry. We know there’s always one.

Be sure to write a Corporate News post to let everyone know who needs to be contacted if the website goes down, an enterprise level lead comes in, the servers catch alight (if you have on-premise), or the cloud suddenly becomes disconnected from the internet. It always happens when people are less than sober.

Have you got employees who have left your employ, still in your intranet database? Now would be a good time to clean up your personale and check on everyone’s permissions. Why is Jane from Marketing still able to see the IT analytics of the intranet? She moved departments six months ago. I can guarantee you, Jane really does not want to still see the IT analytics for the intranet. There was a reason she moved to marketing.


Has everyone been sent a Christmas card? Send one virtually through your Notifications. Each team can personalize what they write and the graphical elements, to show only those on their team. I can assure you, someone on the graphic team will definitely not want a card made by the IT Operations Director. Unless of course, you work at Wizdom, where our tech team is highly creative.

How many test pages have you got in your intranet? It’s okay, no need to cringe, we have them too. Lots of them. Now is a good time to clean them up and remove the test_test_test_final_v4 file from the intranet.

If you’re like everyone else who suffered when the new GDPR laws passed, you have a mound of outdated governance policies lying around that need to be dealt with. Not to mention the updating of the Corporate governance policy within your company. It’s a good time to clean them all up and start the new year fresh, with a clean intranet slate.


Tidying up your company branding is also another forgotten task that can be finished up before you go on holidays. Have you got old word and power point templates in an out-dated design? Get rid of those nasty little documents that seem to surface when sales gets into the intranet document files. Sales can find old documents that are better suited to the internet of the nineties, better than anyone.

We hope these helpful tips will ease you into the holiday period and keep your intranet engine running whilst everyone over indulges with friends and family. If you don’t have an intranet from Wizdom, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and we can help you out. Otherwise, have a great holiday season and remember to be prepared.

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