Release highlights: Workspaces, Service Menu, Design & Branding

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Release highlights: Workspaces, Service Menu, Design & Branding

The new year is here, and so is a new version of Wizdom with fresh features for you to kick off 2019.

With version 6.34 released today, we’re extremely excited to introduce updates to the Workspaces module that will take collaboration governance to new heights. Also, enhancements to Wizdom for SharePoint’s modern experiences introduces new options for intranet editors and admins in SharePoint’s new, modern environment.

Feature release number one

Updates to the Workspaces module

Highlight: We now offer full Workspaces functionality and collaboration governance for the modern experiences

Wizdom Workspaces module is a tool to manage and collaborate on projects or areas of interests from the intranet. But the module is more than that. The Workspaces module in Wizdom is unique in the sense that the module provides an engine for collaboration governance.

With the introduction of the full functionality of the Workspaces module to the modern experiences, this means you are now able to gain complete control over and set fixed standards for all collaboration spaces created in your digital workplace.

Projects on Modern
Feature release two

Highlight: When creating new workspaces users are now guided with a thorough description of workspace types

Choosing the best tool for a given collaboration purpose isn’t always intuitive in today’s digital landscape where users are looking at many different options for collaboration.

With this update, intranet admins are offered a tool to make it more simple for users to choose the right tool for a given collaboration project. Admins can now describe every workspace type with image, headline, and subheading.

Describe workspace type

Intuitively guiding users to choose the proper type of workspace to a new collaboration project.

Create new Projects gif

This update applies to the Workspaces module on the classic as well as the modern experience in SharePoint.



Enhancements to Wizdom on SharePoint’s modern experiences

Feature release number 3

Highlight: You can now make Wizdom web parts available from the Service Menu on modern sites

Lets say you work in a project driven enterprise that continuously run a variety of projects in workspaces at the intranet. Or perhaps you often need to consult with relevant company policies during a workday. Wouldn’t it be nice to have quick access to relevant workspaces and policies from everywhere at the intranet?

As a menu that is steadily available in the user’s left panel, the Service Menu till now has made important links globally accessible to users. From this version of Wizdom, you can now include, not only links, but, also, Wizdom’s web parts in the Service Menu on modern sites.

This means you can now provide users global access to Wizdom functions like the Workspaces overview, Policies Relevant for Me, Cafeteria Menu, Noticeboard, and even your own custom built web parts. Enabling employees to go ahead and do stuff instead of spending time navigating to find functions.

People Directory example gif

As an intranet admin, you add Wizdom web parts to the Service Menu by entering the web part ID, selecting an icon, and entering a title that will represent the web part in the Service Menu.

The Service Menu content is completely customizable. The menu can be configured to include the links and functionality you like and match your precise needs. Each item in the menu can be disabled/enabled. E.g. if you would like to disable a menu item temporarily or would like to remove the link panel from the Service Menu.

Highlight: Custom style web parts on modern pages with CSS class, border, and padding

Custom branding web parts on modern pages has just become easier than ever before with the latest design updates to web parts

You can now style web parts individually by giving them a CSS class. The styling of the CSS class will apply to the web part no matter which template the web part uses or which page the web part is inserted on. This means, you can e.g. apply the same style to all Workspaces web parts in use, even if they are set up with a different template.

Custom style CSS Classes

Border enables you to add a border to web parts.

Padding to the web content

Enabling padding will add 8px of padding to the web part content.

Feature release number five

Highlight #5: Another round of Wizdom modules are ready for SharePoint’s modern experiences

With this version of Wizdom the ‘New Employees’, Birthdays’, ‘FAQs’, and ‘Replace Contacts’ web parts are now available for modern pages.

This means that the following Wizdom modules can now be used for SharePoint’s modern experiences:

  • Birthdays
  • Page Review Date
  • Cafeteria Menu
  • People Directory
  • Content Governance
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Corporate News
  • Quicklinks
  • Design & Branding
  • Replace Contacts
  • FAQs
  • Notifications
  • Mega Menu
  • RichText Editor
  • New Employees
  • Service Menu
  • Page Contact
  • Site Designs (Site Templates for classic SharePoint)
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By: Anja Julia Hartzell
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