Release highlights: Noticeboard, Corporate News, Service Desk, Workspaces

Release highlights: Noticeboard, Corporate News, Service Desk, Workspaces

With version 6.33 of Wizdom released today, we have a stack of new features available to you.

A couple of improvements have been released to Wizdom’s news web parts for the modern experiences and we’ve updated the Projects module and Service Desk with new capabilities.

Let’s dive into the details of these release highlights!

Improvements to news web parts for SharePoint’s modern experiences

Highlight #1: You can now showcase the view number of a Corporate News

With this version, news editors have gotten a new tool to engage users and confirm news reach.

The Corporate News web part for the modern experiences now displays not only when the news was published, but, also, how many views the news has gotten.

Highlight #2: We’ve created new designs for the Noticeboard web part

You have now more designs to choose from when you display Noticeboard news on modern pages.

This new version of Wizdom brings two new templates for the Noticeboard web part, the ‘Full-width’ and the ‘Columns’ template.

The ‘full-width’ template displays news in a slider with a full-width image and title plus text excerpt on top. As an editor, you’re allowed to choose the slide speed and number of news to be displayed in the slider.

The ‘columns’ template shows news with an image to the left and title plus text extract to the right. You can adjust the number of news that is displayed per page.

Updates to the Service Desk and Projects module

Highlight #3: The Service Desk web part now lets you search to retrieve specific tickets

As a super supporter, you can have a long list of tickets waiting for you to resolve. A new search function will help supporters quickly retrieve specific tickets.

The field is only visible for supporters and can search in ticket title, description,and status.

Highlight #4: We’ve added a shortcut to initiate the work on tickets

Initiating the work on a ticket has now become easier.

We’ve added a new button that enables support agents to change the status of tickets assigned to him or her by a single click in the ticket overview.

After this, the ticket will change status to ‘In progress’ and the ticket solving can begin.

Highlight #5: Export ticket data to Excel

Your support team probably processes a large number of support tickets, even on a daily basis. Getting the full overview and analyzing the data of these tickets can be a challenging job.

Therefore, we’ve created a feature that allows super supporters to export all ticket data to Excel. When the supporter clicks the ‘Export’ button a .csv file will be generated. After this, you can use all Excel’s features to filter data and generate statistics.

Highlight #6: The Projects module changes name to Workspaces

The Projects module includes a rich selection of settings and can match many different collaboration scenarios. We experience our clients use the module in many different ways. As departments sites, team collaboration sites, for communities, and much more.

To mirror this, the fact that the Projects module is used for much more than projects, we’ve changed the name of the module to Workspaces.

Highlight #7: Site repository settings can now be set on workspace type level

Maybe you work with projects that are diverse and need different settings on site collection level. Or perhaps you have created a workspace instance for projects in a department and want all workspaces in this instance to be created as subsites to the same site. Site repository settings is a function of the Workspaces module that lets you define exactly this: Whether new workspaces within a workspace instance will be created as subsites, across site collections, or as individual site collections.

Before, this setting was defined for a whole workspace instance at a time. Now, we’ve moved the setting down to the level of workspace type. This means, when you define a workspace type, you can decide more precisely how workspaces of this type will be created.

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