Learn How Wessex Water Coped With the Move to Office 365

The Intranet Now conference for comms and intranet people returns October 5. Featuring practitioners from the intranet field, the conference brings light to successful intranets within today’s digital workspace. Tom Chippendale of Wessex Water will share experiences with the organization’s new Wizdom intranet, focusing on how employees coped with the move to a new, cloud

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The Rise of The Digital Workplace and Its Impact on Intranet

If you’re an intranet professional, have been investigating a new intranet product, or are working on an Office 365 roadmap, you’re likely to have come across the “digital workplace”. It’s a term and a concept that’s been steadily growing in popularity over the past three years and have now entered the mainstream. Originally, “the digital

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New Solution to Accelerate the Clarification and Implementation Phase of an Intranet Project

Head of Product Development, Flemming Goldbach, introduces to the Wizdom Accelerate solution. The process for defining which functions should be on a new intranet and how they should work hasn’t changed much. It still includes extensive workshop work, surveys, clarification work etc. Workshops, to clarify which functionality that supports employees in doing their work, is

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Sketch Note: How Can the Digital Workplace Keep Up?

If work was so great we’d do it for free How we work has changed, and will, probably, never stop changing. How can the digital workplace keep up? We’ve made a sketch note from talk at Wizdom Conference 2017 delivered by Sam Marshall, owner of ClearBox Consulting & specialist in intranets & digital workplaces.

Wizdom Accelerate Module Delivers World’s First Instant Intranet for Office 365 and SharePoint

With Accelerate, a complete intranet is instantly established through an automated implementation and configuration process for Office 365 and SharePoint. Today we have released a new solution, the Wizdom Accelerate Program, that fully automates the creation and implementation of a full-featured intranet. With Wizdom Accelerate, customers can transform implementation from long project driven consulting engagements

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Build or Buy your Intranet?

Off-the-shelf versus custom-build Online Seminar Date and time: Wednesday May 3rd @10:00 AM EDT / 3.00 PM UK / 4:00 PM CET Duration: 1 hour If you’ve got Office 365 as your digital workplace platform or if your company is running SharePoint on-premise, a key consideration will be how to move forward with your intranet.

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