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Release Highlights: Enhancements to Wizdom

With the release of Wizdom version 6.32 today, we’re happy to introduce a bunch of new product updates. This version introduces great advancements for Wizdom on the modern experiences plus enhancements that will improve the experience of a number of Wizdom features for both users, editors, and administrators. Highlight #1: Enhancements to Wizdom on the

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Six Best Practices for Building a Digital Workplace

Building a true digital workplace is a path which many of our clients are now following. With the help of Wizdom and Office 365, they are going beyond the confines of the traditional intranet and implementing an experience where employees can carry out more and more of their everyday work efficiently and effectively, all wrapped

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Seven Essential Elements of a Global Intranet Project

One of the most valuable aspects of a great intranet is that it allows employees to come together in a single place to communicate and collaborate. This has particular value in global organisations, where employees work in scattered locations across multiple time zones. A global intranet brings employees together and feel more like ‘one company’.

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Key themes Day 2, Wizdom Conference 2018

Day two of the Wizdom Conference saw another very sunny day at Copenhagen’s historic Tivoli Gardens. Delegates arrived energised and excited (despite the wine flowing freely on the previous evening), ready for another full day of presentations about the digital workplace. Wizdom’s CEO John Wainer opened the day by welcoming everybody and mentioning some of

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An Intranet and Office 365 should be part of Digital Transformation

‘Digital transformation’ is a popular way to describe the important journey for many organisations who are seeking to leverage technology to drive exponential growth, introduce new services, change their own business model or dramatically change the customer experience. The focus for digital transformation can be internal, but also external with an impact primarily experienced outside

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How to Create a Brand for your Intranet

If you’re managing an intranet, how do you want it to be thought of by your employees and your stakeholders? It is a more serious “corporate” news channel or more of a relaxed social channel? Is it an indispensable work tool which drives efficiency or a website to browse through at your leisure? Is it

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