Governance strategies within intranets

Governance strategies within intranets infographic

Tips to help you contain governance sprawl within your intranet and collaboration tools

At Wizdom, we want to help you to contain the governance sprawl that can happen in large organizations. This is possible with strategies and planning, in combination with a powerful governance engine.

We created this infographic to help you consider what needs to be thought about when creating a governance strategy.

Governance in intranets infographic

We have included a text version of the infographic below

Governance strategies within intranets

Tips to help you contain governance sprawl within your intranet and collaboration tools

  •  Checklist on what to consider:
  •  Research how information in your org is being shared
  •  Compile a list of business needs
  •  Consider what roles are needed for sharing information
  •  Read your corporate privacy policies


First steps

  • Create a current user flow based on rules
  • Create a proposed user flow based on new rules
  • List security considerations and flows needed
  • List governance flows, content and roles
  • Create a strategy based on the above research


Strategy & Planning

  •   Base your strategy on facts, data, user experience and intentions
  •   Automate roles, flows and permissions where possible
  •   Include continuing governance by automating rules for content
  •   Create a launch plan that is inclusive and out of this world


Governance Tips

  •  Set dates, times and role rules for content
  •  Learn about what rules you can automate
  •  Setup rules for Workspaces and Teams
  •  Sit back and relax with your co-workers


What is provisioning?

  •  Providing a service, such as governance
  •  Governance provisioning engines provide opportunities to organize information and rules
  •  It is up to you set the rules and create a monitoring system

Have questions about governance provisioning? Reach out to Wizdom. You can find more information on our website.

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