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Global Wizdom Term Sets

We are moving at a rapid pace into a world that consists of a flat hierarchy containing an abundance of site collections.

For performance reasons, we are already recommending that solutions be split into several site collections; and in the new world of the modern experiences in SharePoint there will be no structure of sites and subsites, only a collection of site collections. From Wizdom version 6.32, Wizdom taxonomies, have been changed to global term sets instead of local. This will ensure that tagging is consistent across the entire Wizdom solution.

What does that mean for you as a customer with a Wizdom solution that is up and running?

This update only applies automatically to new installations of Wizdom. If you don’t wish to use the global term sets, you will still be supported. Your site collection settings will not be changed by updating to version 6.32 of Wizdom.

This non-intrusive approach means that as a customer with a Wizdom solution that is already up and running, you’ll need to perform a number of steps to reconfigure existing site collections in order to utilize global term sets in place of local. Please contact Wizdom Support or your Wizdom Partner for this reconfiguration.

NOTE: As with other functions that span multiple site collections, this also means that customers hosting multiple solutions on the same tenant should consider if global term sets are the right approach for them.

What does that mean for future installations of Wizdom?

From version 6.32 of Wizdom, the Wizdom installation guide will include a section and a PowerShell to create the global term sets. This step can be bypassed if it isn’t required by customers.

When Wizdom installs itself on new site collections it will check for the existence of global term sets. If these exist, Wizdom will configure managed metadata columns to use the global term sets. If global term sets don’t exist, Wizdom will create and configure local term sets for the site collection.

From version 6.32, the following Wizdom term sets will be global:

  • Wizdom_RelatedTopic – used for Wizdom related topic tagging.
  • Wizdom_ManualType – used in Policies & Procedure pages.
  • Wizdom_ManualArea – used in Policies & Procedure pages.
  • Wizdom_Languages – available on all pages, but mainly used for targeting in Corporate News.

The rest of Wizdom’s managed metadata columns already map to global term sets (e.g. departments map to the built-in global People > Department Term Set).

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