People and communications in the legal industry and MS Teams

MS Teams solution for the legal industry

Law firms and corporate legal departments must continually evaluate and update their business processes to remain competitive. Creating a digital hub where information on people and general information for employees who have hectic schedules, is paramount to the growth and business functions of the firm. Information overload is a genuine concern for people who already

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MS Teams infographic banner

MS Teams infographic

MS Teams and the digital workplace infographic What can you do with MS teams in the context of the digital workplace and to help with increasing employee engagement? At Wizdom, we want you to get the best out of the latest Microsoft technology. But first, it’s important to know a bit about what that technology does.

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Microsoft Teams Governance graphic

Microsoft Teams Governance

Don’t let Microsoft Teams run out of control It feels like nothing can stop the march of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has declared it their fastest growing enterprise application with around half a million organisations using it. A figure that is set to rise. Microsoft also continue to invest in Teams, adding new features, folding in

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INformation feature image with an i icon and circle

Retirement of Microsoft’s translator web widget and the effects on Wizdoms machine page translation module

On July 31, 2019, Microsoft retired their Translator Web Widget meaning that from July 31st, the widget stopped translating webpages. Please see Microsoft’s official announcement here As Microsoft’s Translator Web Widget has served as the underlying service of Wizdom’s Machine Page Translation widget, this, unfortunately, means that Wizdom’s Machine Page Translation module is set out

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Employee enagagement feature image

Employee engagement infographic

Employee engagement facts infographic Tips to help you retain your employees and create a unified workforce At Wizdom, we want to help you to improve collaboration across teams and we’ve put together some industry facts and provided suggestions on what you can do to create a unified workforce. We created this infographic to bring to

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Governance stratgies in intranets

Governance strategies within intranets

Governance strategies within intranets infographic Tips to help you contain governance sprawl within your intranet and collaboration tools At Wizdom, we want to help you to contain the governance sprawl that can happen in large organizations. This is possible with strategies and planning, in combination with a powerful governance engine. We created this infographic to

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People are why we are here infographic feature image

People centric intranet infographic

People are why we are here infographic How to create an intelligent intranet with Wizdom At Wizdom, people are why we are here. It is people who create unforgettable intranet experiences. It is people who are using the intranet. Creating people centric intranets should be at the top of your mind when thinking about internal,

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The intranet issues that can be solved through careful planning and the right system feature image

The intranet issues that can be solved through careful planning and the right system

Intranets have grown into their own goliath spreads, with knowledge being passed through systems, along with important updates, News, and compliance information. With SharePoint and it’s connected biosphere of apps linked to Microsoft O365, and external software programs, it can quickly become a mess of information that is not reaching its intended audience.  To begin with,

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