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On the Wizdom blog, you can read about the latest product releases, product information, knowledge we have found useful when deciding on which intranet to choose and important points to consider when creating a modern SharePoint intranet.

Release highlights: Workspaces, Page Information, Corporate News

We’re excited to introduce new updates that further bridges the landscape of the digital workplace Wizdom version 6.37 is here! With this new release, we’re introducing updates that take us a step further in uniting and making the whole digital workplace more easily accessible with its wealth of content, information, and collaboration spaces. Updates to

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What to look for in an intranet vendor and product

When organisations choose the right intranet product, they inevitably look at the intranet features and capabilities. Will the internal communications tools fit our needs?  What sort of collaboration can the intranet support?  Can employees get notifications? Of course, capabilities and tools are incredibly important for selecting the right intranet. We’ve collected an extensive checklist of

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Six essential elements for the right intranet product

We believe every organisation should have the right intranet to support strategic objectives. We also believe every employee deserves the perfect intranet to help them get things done and be more effective in their role. To make this happen, it’s critical to choose the right intranet product and solution for your particular needs.  Most organisations

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Researching the right intranet product

There are currently a lot of options for intranet managers when it comes to deploying an intranet or digital workplace. The continuing evolution of sophisticated in-a-box products like Wizdom, some of which work with SharePoint Online (or on-premises),  means that it’s never been easier and more cost-effective to implement a sophisticated intranet with extensive capabilities. 

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Wizdom Power Panel is here to unify a fragmented world

You probably know it from your own work life. Various software applications are available to help you with different tasks in the course of your day. The Office 365 application suite alone includes more than 20 different applications and, added to this, SaaS applications like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, and Trello forms a fragmented corporate application

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Introducing Wizdom Interactive Canvas: Your digital workplace dashboard

It’s with great excitement that we today can announce the arrival of Wizdom Interactive Canvas! Creating a view of applications beautifully displayed in tiles, the Interactive Canvas allows intranet admins to set up a personalized dashboard of content, links, and applications that provides each employee the tools or content he or she needs to get

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Release highlights: Power Panel, Interactive Canvas, Dynamic Links, Noticeboard, Wizdom Mobile App

While we’re always excited with new releases, this release of Wizdom is a special one. With Wizdom version 6.36 released today, we’re introducing a collection of modules and features that bring amazing new possibilities to the digital workplace. Today we’re releasing Wizdom Power Panel and Wizdom Interactive Canvas. Two modules that together collect all tools,

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How a great digital workplace helps reduce Shadow IT

The easy availability and deployment of powerful collaboration and productivity tools, usually based in the cloud, has allowed us to start to develop incredible digital workplaces that are only going to get better. But the proliferation of tools also comes with its own risks. Because individuals, teams and divisions can now deploy these applications with

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Automatic Wizdom opt-out from modern experience on list and libraries on site collection level for classic sites

Microsoft has announced that, starting April 1, 2019 , it will no longer be possible to restrict an entire organization (tenant) to classic mode for list and libraries. This means that opt-out from the modern experience on list and libraries will have to be performed on site collection, site, list and library levels. You can read the

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Release highlights: Policies & Procedures, Wizdom on SharePoint’s modern experiences

The development team has just finished the last cycle of product improvements, and, today, we’re excited to present, a new great reporting tool to keep track of whether employees have read Policies & Procedures pages. Also, this update introduces a number of improvements to Wizdom on SharePoint’s modern experiences.

How Wizdom Help & Training portal can make your life as an intranet owner easier

If your work includes being responsible for the intranet in your organization, you most likely are a trained multitasker with a myriad of tasks to look after. Delivering relevant corporate news, communicating internal campaigns, announcing and managing company events, providing proper tools and spaces for collaboration, ensuring compliance, keeping content relevant and up to date,

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How an in-a-box intranet meets specific business requirements

Intranets meet many different needs. An intranet helps to deliver Internal communications, content publishing, collaboration, support for customer services, onboarding, document management, HR self-service, learning, enterprise search, a front door to help employees navigate the wider digital workplace and more. To a certain extent the needs around these different areas are similar from organisation to

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How intranet and digital workplace governance is hard-baked into Wizdom

Intranet and digital workplace governance might be a dry topic, but it is an essential ingredient for a successful intranet or digital workplace. Governance can loosely be defined as the collection of structures, roles, processes, policies, rules, standards and other elements which make your intranet and digital workplace run successfully  every day. It also gives your platform

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Introducing full Workspaces functionality and collaboration governance for SharePoint’s modern experiences

We live in a time of opportunities! And this reflects in the digital landscape we’re facing. For collaboration purposes alone, Office 365 and SharePoint offer a wide range of tools including modern team and collaboration sites, classic publishing sites, Yammer, and Teams. Knowing which tool to use for which collaboration purpose can be confusing for

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Release highlights: Workspaces, Service Menu, Design & Branding

The new year is here, and so is a new version of Wizdom with fresh features for you to kick off 2019. With version 6.34 released today, we’re extremely excited to introduce updates to the Workspaces module that will take collaboration governance to new heights. Also, enhancements to Wizdom for SharePoint’s modern experiences introduces new options for intranet editors

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Global term sets

We are moving at a rapid pace into a world that consists of a flat hierarchy containing an abundance of site collections. For performance reasons, we are already recommending that solutions be split into several site collections; and in the new world of the modern experiences in SharePoint there will be no structure of sites

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