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Researching the right intranet product

There are currently a lot of options for intranet managers when it comes to deploying an intranet or digital workplace. The continuing evolution of sophisticated in-a-box products like Wizdom, some of which work with SharePoint Online (or on-premises),  means that it’s never been easier and more cost-effective to implement a sophisticated intranet with extensive capabilities. 

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Wizdom product example in three screen sizes

Introducing Wizdom for the modern experiences

Blowing fresh winds to the experience of users and editors, the new modern experiences in SharePoint offer a modern, streamlined, and fully responsive user interface of sites, pages, web parts, lists, and libraries. Since it’s arrival, our team of developers and UX experts have been looking thoroughly at the technology evaluating how we can bring

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Product release overview

Release highlights: Power Panel, Interactive Canvas, Dynamic Links, Noticeboard, Wizdom Mobile App

While we’re always excited with new releases, this release of Wizdom is a special one. With Wizdom version 6.36 released today, we’re introducing a collection of modules and features that bring amazing new possibilities to the digital workplace. Today we’re releasing Wizdom Power Panel and Wizdom Interactive Canvas. Two modules that together collect all tools,

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Why Intranets need Top-down and Bottom-up Support

How do you launch an intranet and then continue to successfully drive adoption? It’s an issue many intranet teams tackle and remains a focus for their efforts. Unfortunately, there’s no one simple solution or single “ingredient X” that delivers good adoption. Instead it requires a range of different tactics and approaches over a sustained period

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