Add power to your intranet

Add power to your intranet

Take your business to the next level

Design the intranet you need


Enable your business with the tools to communicate effectively and take your business to the next level. Admins can easily design predefined templates that include unique site designs, news channels, metadata tagging, project roles, and permission settings. Manage project roles and create different project types for diverse collaboration needs. Collaborate in spaces with in-built task management tools, document libraries, and communications channels.

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Employee engagement

Create content that will be viewed by the right people at the right time. With the Corporate News, Notifications and Social sharing components you get with Wizdom, creating content is simplified and streamlined for the user. Employee engagement is more important then ever, with the current climate of job jumping and perks offered by competitors. Making sure your employees are well informed and taken care of should be at the top of your list for employee retention and to create a happy and easy to navigate, digital work place.

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Mobile App – Take your intranet with you

Meet users where they are with Wizdom’s mobile app and responsive design. Our mobile app has an easy to use, clean navigation, allowing for a minimum of navigation layers, enabling employees to find the information they are after quickly and with limited amount of fuss.

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Ensure compliance – With Policies and Procedures

Ensure employees feel safe and that they are compliant with corporate governance rules. Track and confirm critical information is read by every employee and have your employee handbook’s readily available and up-to-date. Making compliance easy and stress free.