About Us

About Us

The People Behind Wizdom

About Us

The People Behind Wizdom

| Workplace Insights

Work satisfaction

We believe that work satisfaction has a huge impact on the quality of life. That´s why we labor daily to create solutions that support great communication, collaboration and processual procedures in places of work around the world. Wizdom is the means to this end.

| Company Insights

intranet solutions to organisations worldwide

The product is a result of our experience gained designing, developing and delivering more than 400 innovative intranet solutions to organisations worldwide. The focus in each case is to ensure that work-related tasks, collaboration and communication become easier, smoother and more enjoyable for all employees regardless of their role.

| For a Better Work Days

Where it started

It all started more than 15 years ago in a small office in central Copenhagen. A small team assembled inspired by a desire to improve the sharing of knowledge, communication, collaboration and procedures in business. They started to build their own intranet product forming the cornerstone of what today is known as Wizdom intranet.

| Customer Centric Approach

involving our customers in product development

As a Wizdom user you are part of the product too. We pride ourselves in involving our customers in product development and in concerning ourselves with the business of our customers to ascertain how it can benefit from digital solutions. This all results in a customer centric product- and solution implementation process based on the best practices of hundreds of organisations.

| Spreading the Wizdom Spirit

Empower people

For some people, digital solutions aren’t enough to create the work life they wish to have and are in need of in order to provide for themselves and their loved ones. By supporting Kiva in their work, we do a little to empower that people can fight poverty by following their desire to run a business or get an education.

In January 2019, Wizdom was acquired by LiveTiles.

We are now a part of a global company with offices in all regions. This enables us to serve you better and makes us available within your time zone.

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