Webinar: How to put the Wizdom Noticeboard module to full use

Wizdom Noticeboard webinar for customers

Webinar: How to put the Wizdom Noticeboard module to full use

Bring power to your internal communication with help from the Wizdom Noticeboard module

Webinar details

Date: 26th June 2019
Time: 10 AM CEST
Duration: 30 min. including Q&A

The webinar has ended. Please see the recording here:

In this series of webinars, we’ll walk you through Wizdom’s different modules and demonstrate how you can put them to full use. We’ll show you the full functionality of the modules making sure you’ll understand the ins-and-outs of every feature. And we’ll inspire with examples of how we see other clients using the modules.

The first module we’ll put the spotlight on is a very popular Wizdom module for internal communication: The Noticeboard module.

The Noticeboard module is often used for peer-to-peer messaging and communication around a project. But the Noticeboard module includes innumerable possibilities for internal communication.

In this first webinar in the series, Wizdom Principal Partner Engagement, Garry Sinclair, will take you through Wizdom Noticeboard functionality.

He will show you all the things you might didn’t know you could do with Noticeboard. And he will introduce you to examples of best practice and creative use of the module.

See how to use Noticeboard channel sets for an optimal setup, hear our recommendations about Noticeboard notifications, see how you can use Noticeboard to drive innovation in your company, and much more.

In this webinar, broadcasted June 26th, Wizdom Principal Partner Engagement, Garry Sinclair:

  • Shows you examples of how to use Wizdom Noticeboard module for internal communication... and much more!
  • Walks you through Noticeboard’s functionality. How to use channel sets, notifications, the Noticeboard archive, mandatory vs. recommended channels, etc.
  • Demonstrates how you can twist and enhance Noticeboards functionality by the means of templates.
  • Outlines the differences between the Noticeboard web part for SharePoint’s classic and modern experiences.
  • Answers your questions on the subject.




Presented by

Garry Sinclair
Wizdom Principal Partner Engagement










Having worked with a great number of organizations to help their business create digital solutions based on Wizdom, Garry has extensive hands-on experience with applying Wizdom’s functionality to all sorts of needs.

In his role supporting and inspiring partners in building optimal Wizdom solutions, Garry is familiar with most details of the Wizdom product