5 Reasons Why a Pre-Made Intranet Provides a Good Starting Point for Your Intranet Project

Online Seminar
Date and time: Wednesday May 24th @10:00 AM EDT / 3.00 PM UK / 4:00 PM CET
Duration: 45 minutes including Q&A

It can take a long time, even years, from an organization decides they want to invest in a new intranet till a new solution is launched. Software requirements specifications along with decisions about features, Information Architecture (IA), and content can be time-consuming processes.

 A pre-made intranet solution is a new approach to intranet delivery where software, functionality, as well as information architecture is already configured. All that is really needed, are intranet content creators to add the organizations specific intranet content.

In this online seminar, we walk you through how a pre-made, template based intranet solution can be the starting point that accelerates the process of launching a new best practice intranet.



  • How a pre-made solution can help inspire content and IA creation.
  • How to design a customized intranet from a pre-made best practice solution.
  • What kind of organizations a pre-made approach is and isn’t suitable for.
  • The pros and cons of this approach.



Dan Thomsen is Digital Development Director and Partner in Wizdom. He is a visionary in digital strategy, business processes, intranet, and digital workplace. Working with a multitude of organizations, Dan has identified creative and proactive solutions. Today, Dan work as a business and digital strategist helping workplaces around the world achieve better digital and business supporting processes by unfolding the full potential of internal platforms.



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